Therapeutic Reclining Lift Chair

Experience Home Relaxation Like Never Before

As a primary function, a lift chair makes it easier and safer to get in and out of a seated position. Equipped with features that raise and lower the chair itself to support your body as you move between positions, lift chairs are perfect for those with joint pain, muscle weakness, or bodily injury.

What makes our lift chairs even better? They’re simultaneously designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. 

With adjustable settings that you control, the lift chairs we offer allow a personalized level of comfort that is second to none. 

Come on over to our Hanover, MD showroom to experience our lift chairs firsthand and see why customers from Glen Burnie, Rockville, Annapolis, Towson, Owings Mills and throughout Central Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia choose Freedom Mobility for safe and comfortable solutions.

Lift Chairs that Suit Your Physical Limitations

With six series and dozens of models to choose from, we will help you find the optimal combination of size, weight capacity, options and accessories to meet your needs. No matter what you choose, rest assured that each one of our lift chairs incorporates the finest materials and the latest technology, and is assembled with attention to every detail. We offer lift chairs that provide the smoothest, quietest and most secure lifting system, while being backed by the industry’s best warranty.

Who is a Lift Chair For?

You don’t have to have a specific medical condition to find a lift chair incredibly useful and comfortable. If you suffer from any of the following, a lift chair can make a big difference in the quality of your life:

  • limited mobility due to a past stroke
  • complete or partial paralysis of certain body parts
  • poor balance and difficulty standing
  • muscle weakness due to old age or a neuromuscular disorder
  • cerebral palsy
  • severe arthritis
  • pregnancy
  • rotator cuff injury
  • degenerative joint disease
  • plastic surgery

Your Guide to Choosing a Lift Chair

A lift chair is more than a comfortable chair for watching TV or reading a book. It has many other hidden benefits, such as reducing stress on your joints, aligning your spine, and promoting relaxation and healthy blood flow to all parts of the body. Many people use it in place of their beds—that’s how comfortable these lift chairs are! While shopping for a lift chair in Central Maryland, consider the following features.

Number of Positions

Lift chairs range from basic models to highly ergonomic ones. The most basic lift chair can switch between two pre-set positions (besides the normal upright position): lifted position and reading position with a slight recline and an engaged foot rest. Some chairs also offer a napping position that allows you to recline even deeper. This could be enough for everyday use, but if you want more from your lift chair, then you need one with infinite positioning options.

More advanced lift chairs feature more than one motor that separately controls various parts of the lift chair. They may offer more subtle positioning options which can help you to comfortably sleep in your lift chair. Positions such as the trendelenburg and zero-gravity have health benefits as well. The trendelenburg position allows your feet to be above your heart which promotes better blood circulation. Whereas the zero-gravity position relieves joint pressure and reduces joint pain. There are many ways to position your lift chair so you can find your sweet spot that allows you to finally enjoy a comfortable sleep.


Having a power reclining lift chair with therapeutic features will undoubtedly improve your quality of life, so why not make sure it’s wrapped in a fabric most suited to your needs? Both Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility Lift Chairs offer a wide range of fabrics and colors. From the softest and most breathable leather-like fabrics to their high-performance liquid proof fabrics, both brands offer over 30 options for their chairs.

High Performance Fabrics

Golden Technologies NEW high-performance fabric with Alta technology is perfect for heavy-duty or high-traffic seating. Alta ramps up performance with a total liquid barrier, antimicrobial protection, and high repellency to liquids and oil-based stains. Exceptional cleanability reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents. Durablock liquid barrier provides breathable protection. Golden offers a 10-year warranty on all high-performance fabric with Alta technology.

Pride Mobility also offers the Lexis Sta-Kleen Performance Fabric is a revolution in faux leather upholstery; the first stain resistant urethane fabric. Sta-Kleen offers permanent protection, created with a proprietary bonding process inherent in the manufacturing process of the product. It is not a topical application; it will last the lifetime of the upholstery.

Extra Features

If the standard lift chair doesn’t provide the comfort and relaxation you desire, consider models with heat and massage features. Both the seat and the back usually have these components pre-installed, so you can experience a full-body massage without leaving your living room.

Another important factor to keep in mind is durability, which you don’t have to worry about if your are buying from Freedom Mobility. The products we carry are the best on the market and come with generous warranties.

Lead Times

Currently there is a 6-9 week build time for both Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility Special Order Lift Chairs.

We understand that situations may happen unexpectedly or a lift chair may be recommended for injury healing purposes. This is why we keep various models in stock at our Maryland Showroom for purchase and rent for immediate delivery or curbside-pickup. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Maryland Showroom to test drive our lift chairs in stock.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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