Transporting Your Scooter

Transporting a mobility scooter may not be the easiest task, but it’s certainly a doable task. There are many options designed with the user in mind that will help safely get your scooter from point A to point B. Keep reading to discover some of the ways you can transport your mobility scooter. 

Things You Will Need

There are specific things you will need to be able to transport your mobility scooter if it doesn’t already break down into pieces. 

A Van, Truck, or Pickup Truck

If you are not using a vehicle lift, the best vehicle to transport a mobility scooter is by a van, truck, or pickup truck. These types of vehicles have adequate space to transport a mobility scooter.

Tie-Down Straps

You will specifically need tie-down straps to transport your mobility scooter. Ropes and bungee cords will not suffice.

A Scooter Wheel Chock

This device allows the scooter to stay upright when moving in a van by locking the wheel in place. This device is best suited for three-wheel scooters.  

A Protective Sheet

A protective sheet will protect the vehicle from getting scraped or damaged. 


Ramps allow you to easily place a scooter into a van. They don’t require heavy lifting, and you can load the scooter by yourself safely. 

A Vehicle Lift

A vehicle lift is an easy way to transport your scooter. They can be placed in the interior or exterior of your vehicle, and it gives you the ability to lift your scooter when you transport it. 

Placing it On the Vehicle

Once you’ve gathered your necessary supplies, now it’s time to get your scooter onto the vehicle. Using a ramp, wheel the scooter into the van or pickup truck. If you are using a vehicle lift, you simply place the scooter onto the lift and lift it off the ground. Using a vehicle lift is certainly the best way to place your scooter inside a vehicle.

Tie Down the Scooter

Once you’ve gotten your scooter into the vehicle or onto the vehicle lift, it’s time to tie it down. If the scooter isn’t tied down, it can cause expensive damage to the scooter and the vehicle. To strap down the scooter, remove its accessories and use your tie-down straps to secure it to the vehicle. You will also want to make sure the scooter will stay in place by wedging the front wheel into a scooter wheel chock. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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