Will Medicaid Pay for my Power Chair Accessories?

Medicaid is the nation’s number one healthcare provider that covers those who utilize power chairs. With significant and all-over coverage, Medicaid prides itself on being able to support power chair users of all ages. While Medicare might only serve to cover older citizens, Medicaid is there to cover everyone who needs it. However, even if your power chair is covered by Medicaid, does that mean its accessories fall under the same umbrella? It can be difficult to say for certain whether or not specific accessories for your power chair can be covered by Medicaid. To learn more about what you might have to pay for out-of-pocket, read on. 

What Can Be Covered?

When it comes to power chairs, Medicaid considers coverage when the utilization of one allows someone to function within their everyday life. If you cannot complete daily activities without a power chair, it is likely that Medicaid will cover the costs. Medicaid’s definition of qualification is similar to that of Medicare’s; a patient must be considered bed-bound without the use of a wheelchair, they must be unable to operate a manual wheelchair for themselves, and they must be able to operate a power chair on their own. When all three of these qualifications are met, Medicaid will cover your power chair. Missing even one qualification could mean that you won’t have coverage–however, you will still probably have coverage for a manual wheelchair.

What Are Accessories?

While a power chair has many aspects that make it functional, you may still want to customize certain aspects for your own comfort needs. Each person is different, and certain disabilities may require particular accessories or adjustments to the power chair. Some examples of accessories include headrest extensions, armrest extensions, reinforced back upholstery, a reclining back, and other custom parts that change the wheelchair’s design. It doesn’t matter what accessory is being added, so long as it meets the following criteria: the accessory must be necessary in order for the patient to function within the home and throughout daily life. Each accessory must have a written request by a physician.

Will Medicaid Cover My Accessories?

If you and your physician agree that you cannot function within your home or throughout daily life without some form of accessory or customization, Medicaid will cover the adjustments. Medicaid will not cover accessories that can be used for pleasure or leisure, which may include accessories that provide additional comfort (extra cushioning, for example). The main point being that Medicaid can cover most, if not all, of your power chair expenses. Have you been considering a power chair? Are you bed-bound without a wheelchair, but are unable to operate a manual chair on your own? A power chair is the right option for you, and with Medicaid, it can potentially be covered in full. To learn more about power chairs and power chair coverage, call Freedom Mobility at (443) 251-3053. We keep you moving!

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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