3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Lift Chair

Thinking of buying or renting a lift chair for your house? This mobility equipment offers many benefits to those with physical disabilities and difficulty feeling comfortable in their homes. Here are some important questions to ask before investing.

Question #1: What Size Lift Chair Should I Get?

The lift chairs at Freedom Mobility come in different sizes so that we are able to help a broader group of people needing mobility solutions in Maryland. If you want a lift chair simply for sitting comfortably while reading or watching tv for shorter periods of time, a standard chair will be your best bet.

A standard lift chair can have a variety of options such as massage options and a power-lifted headrest.  If you plan to nap or sleep in your lift chair, we’d suggest going with a chair that reclines into a specialty position such as zero gravity in a larger size so that you can rest as comfortably as possible.

Question #2: Will a Lift Chair Suit My Needs?

How do you know if a lift chair is the right piece of mobility equipment for you? There is a lot to consider when purchasing or renting home mobility aids, and it’s important to do research or speak to a professional before investing. 

Sharing your specific mobility needs with one of our staff members is the easiest way to ensure that we can provide you with the lift chair that will suit you best. Want to test out a chair to ensure it’s comfortable for you? Stop by our showroom in Hanover, MD and see for yourself the comfort our mobility equipment can provide.

Question #3: Should I Buy or Rent a Lift Chair?

At Freedom Mobility, we have lift chairs available for purchase, but you can rent our mobility equipment as well! Only need a lift chair for a short amount of time? If your injury or disability is only temporary, you can save money by renting from us without the worry of what to do with your lift chair once you no longer need it. 

Your Best Resource for Lift Chairs in Maryland

Freedom Mobility has plenty of mobility solutions for any and all of your physical needs. Our staff is happy and eager to help you find the mobility equipment and accessories that will make a huge difference in your day-to-day life, whether your needs are home-based or for local/long-distance travel. Contact us or visit our showroom today to learn more about our lift chair rentals in Maryland. 

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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