3 Ways a Stairlift Will Change Your Life

There are plenty of mobility options available to those who have difficulty getting from place to place. Today, we wanted to shine the spotlight on stairlifts and show you exactly what they can do for you to make getting around your home less dangerous and more comfortable. 

Stairlifts Promote Your Safety

The majority of injuries in seniors occur in their own homes. Shouldn’t your home be the safest place in which you spend your time? Our stairlifts are installed by professionals and are tested for security before you use them. They’re also equipped with numerous safety features, including a secure lap belt, to prevent accidents while getting on and off the stairlift, as well as while the lift is in use. Avoid the risks of missing a step or slipping while using the stairs and let Freedom Mobility provide you a safer way to get around your home.

Stairlifts Encourage Independence

Helping you overcome challenges both physically and mentally, your stairlift allows you to travel efficiently up and down stairs without any help from family members or caregivers. This mobility equipment can be installed anywhere there are stairs in your home, whether you are living in a split-level, have a curved staircase, or simply need an easier way to travel up the stairs leading to your front door. 

In the market for a new home? With a stairlift rental from Freedom Mobility, you’ll be able to consider more than just single-level or rancher-style houses. Our stairlifts are also available for purchase, so if you’ve been considering moving from a multi-level home to a house with few or no stairs, we can provide the mobility solutions you need, right where you are. 

Stairlifts are Practical & Economical

When it comes to home safety modifications for seniors, stairlift installations are one of the most practical and affordable options out there. People are living longer now than ever before, so it’s important that mobility options for older adults continue to advance and serve as long-term solutions. 

Our showroom is located in Hanover, MD and has the very best in home mobility equipment. Our professionals are trained and certified in aiding those needing specialized care, so there’s always someone to help you find the stairlift that best suits your home’s layout and your personal mobility needs.

Freedom Mobility offers stairlift rental in Maryland, and our showroom includes a wide variety of mobility equipment that can be purchased or rented for easier travels. Contact us today for more information on stairlifts or any of the additional mobility solutions we have to offer.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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