4 Benefits of Having a Lift Chair Recliner

Aging is never easy. But, the right technology in your home can make aging easier. One technology that helps people safely age in place is a lift chair recliner. Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of having a lift chair recliner in your home. 

Extra Assistance 

Lift chair recliners give older adults and individuals with limited mobility the extra help they need with sitting and standing up. These chairs can be lowered and raised to assist the individual achieve the position they want. All it takes is a push of a button for these chairs to be positioned. If you are a wheelchair user, this chair gives extra assistance with transferring from the recliner to the wheelchair.

Extra Comfort

Traditional recliners can only be reclined and sit up so far. Lift chair recliners allow the user to comfortably position themselves and oftentimes can even transform into a makeshift bed. That means napping becomes an easier activity. These chairs are usually made out of soft, comfortable material that makes them the epitome of relaxation. If you’re looking for a more comfortable chair,  a lift chair recliner might be your best solution. 

Improved Health

Did you know that your seating position can affect your health? Lift chair recliners can help improve yours. These chairs, especially ones with infinite position capabilities, help align the user’s spine, improve their breathing, and improve their blood circulation. If you’ve been suffering from less than perfect breathing and poor blood circulation when you sit, the solution can be as simple as switching to a lift chair recliner. 

Increased Independence 

Since these chairs allow users to position themselves with the push of a button, it allows them to be more independent. They can easily go from a sitting position to a sleeping position, therefore allowing the user to take naps at their leisure. They will no longer need to worry about getting assistance from others to position themselves in an appropriate position. 

Let’s Find You the Right Lift Chair Recliner

Freedom Mobility offers numerous options for lift chair rental in MD and purchase. Now is the perfect time to get the lift chair recliner you or your loved one deserves. If you’re ready to experience a level of relaxation like never before, click here to browse our selection of lift chair recliners. You can also contact us today to schedule an appointment to visit our Hanover, MD showroom. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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