4 Common Myths About Wheelchairs

Mobility equipment technology has advanced with the growing needs for comfort and productivity in those with physical disabilities. Here are some common myths about wheelchairs that can keep people from getting the mobility equipment they need.

Myth #1: Wheelchairs Are Expensive

Purchasing a wheelchair with all the bells and whistles might seem intimidating and have you feeling like you can’t afford mobility equipment that has every feature you want and need, but luckily there are other options available.

If you are permanently disabled and know you will need a wheelchair for the remainder of your life, it makes sense to make a bigger investment. On the other hand, if your needs are only temporary, wheelchairs are available for rental in order to travel or recover from an injury. This means you won’t have to invest tons of money into a mobility solution you only need short-term.

Myth #2: Wheelchairs Aren’t Comfortable

It doesn’t matter your size or shape – wheelchairs can be customized to seat and move you as comfortably as possible. Mobility equipment experts know that many people are wheelchair-bound all day long and understand how important comfort is to each individual user. At Freedom Mobility, you can visit our showroom to test different wheelchairs with various cushions, seats, and padding to ensure that you’ve found the right one. Start out with a rental before making your investment and purchase once you’re certain your chair provides you with the highest amount of comfort.

Myth #3: Wheelchair Features are Limited

When you visit Freedom Mobility‘s showroom, you’ll see for yourself the wide variety of wheelchairs and other mobility equipment available to you. From manual and power wheelchairs to tilt and one-arm models, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from so that you can find the mobility equipment that works best for you.

Myth #4: I’m Too Big for a Wheelchair

At Freedom Mobility, we have both standard and bariatric wheelchairs so that our customers can easily find a mobility solution that fits them properly. Standard can support up to 300lbs., while bariatric chairs support up to 450lbs. Some wheelchairs are size-adjustable or can be custom-ordered to fit you perfectly and keep you mobile so you can live your daily life as comfortably as possible.

Your Best Resource for Wheelchair Rental in Maryland

Freedom Mobility is a mobility solutions company in Hanover, MD providing affordable wheelchairs, stairlifts, and other equipment for rent or purchase to those in with temporary injuries, lifelong disabilities, and everything in between. Come visit our showroom or contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of mobility equipment!

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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