4 Wheelchair Hacks You'll Love

Being wheelchair-bound doesn’t have to be hard. Take a look at four useful hacks that help you get the most out of your wheelchair.

USB Phone Charger

Installing a phone charger to your wheelchair can make your life, as well as traveling, a lot easier. In today’s digital age, nobody can live without their phone. You can avoid a dead phone by having a USB port specially installed onto your wheelchair or opting for a USB adapter that attaches to your wheelchair. Keep your phone charging cord connected at all times. You can hide it when you don’t need it and take it out whenever your phone needs a charge.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Investing in a portable wheelchair ramp can be one of the best things you do. These ramps are designed to be light and easily movable, yet durable. You may find yourself in a place that wheelchair accessibility and these portable ramps can be utilized to get you where you need to go. The best thing about these ramps is that you can get a carry bag for them and attach it to the back of your wheelchair. This is a perfect hack for wheelchair travelers!

Plastic Bags

In recent years, plastic bags have been looked down upon by the vast majority of people but they can be quite helpful. Plastic bags can serve as a shield from the rain. Keep plastic bags in your wheelchair to cover things like:

  • Your wheelchair’s joystick
  • Your personal belongings
  • Your feet

In addition to serving as a cover, plastic bags can be useful for storing and accessing refrigerated food items. Store all of your refrigerated food items in plastic bags for easy access when you want to take them out.

Touch Lamps

A touch lamp is a great accessory to your wheelchair. Have you ever had trouble reaching to turn on a light? Touch lamps can help you with that. For people with limited mobility, adding a touch lamp to your wheelchair eases the need to strain your body to turn on a light. Simply touch/tap the lamp on your wheelchair and you have light wherever you go. Make sure to keep extra batteries for your lamp in your wheelchair as well!

Are You Ready To Get Started?

To start using these hacks, you first need a wheelchair that you love. Freedom Mobility is the best wheelchair store in Maryland. We’ll provide you with a wheelchair that fits your needs and has the comfort that you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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