5 Considerations for Ramp Rentals

Renting a ramp is a great way to make your home or small business more accessible. No matter if you want to rent one for a holiday event at your home or have a loved one recovering from an injury and is wheelchair-bound, renting a wheelchair ramp will make getting up and down between levels much easier. The process for renting a ramp is simple, but there are a few considerations. 

1. Needs

Why are you renting a ramp? Do you have a guest who is a wheelchair user? Were you recently injured and need a way to access your home as you go through rehabilitation? Identifying the reason for renting a wheelchair ramp will help you budget and establish a timeframe for how long you’ll need to rent a ramp.

2. Indoors or Outdoors

There are a variety of ramps available. Some ramps can be installed outside the home, and some ramps can be installed inside the home. Do you need a ramp solely at the front of your home, or will you need additional ramps throughout the inside of your home? Take a look at your home and assess its design. Depending on its design, you may need multiple ramp rentals. 

3. Rental Companies

Where you rent your wheelchair ramp matters. Different ramp rental companies will have different policies and pricing. That’s why it’s important that you rent your ramp from a reputable wheelchair ramp rental company that is well known in your area. Take the time to research your companies, and look at reviews, product quality, and length of time in business. Additionally, avoid companies who advertise hard-to-believe low prices for ramp rentals as this often means they have cut back on expenses such as quality or service. 

4. Installation 

Most reputable wheelchair ramp rental companies will offer installation services. Installation is usually quick and easy, so you can start using your wheelchair ramp almost immediately. It’s important that you test your wheelchair ramp while your installer is there so that they can fix any problems right away. 

5. Removal

Wheelchair ramp rental should always be removed by professionals. The removal process will usually be explained to you once your wheelchair ramp is installed. If you choose to extend your rental period, it’s as simple as contacting your wheelchair ramp company. Otherwise, once it’s time to have your wheelchair ramp removed, someone will come by and remove it for you. 

Maryland Ramp Rentals

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Administrator December 7, 2023
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