5 Types of Equipment That Help Seniors Age in Place

There’s no better place for seniors to age than in their own homes. But with decreased mobility, increased need for special care, and hazardous conditions around their house can make aging in place impossible. However, with the help of these five types of equipment, seniors can successfully age in place.


Getting around can be difficult for seniors. For seniors who wish to age in place, they must have a means of getting around. Wheelchairs are a great solution. Although there are manual wheelchairs, seniors should opt for power wheelchairs since these are easier to operate. With the shift of a joystick located on or near the armrest, seniors can get from point A to point B with ease.


Scooters are another good solution for seniors with adequate upper body strength. Scooters offer more maneuverability while outdoors. For seniors who enjoy doing activities outdoors, this would be the right choice for them. It’s also an ideal solution for seniors who:

  • Carry oxygen
  • Experience frequent joint pain or arthritis
  • Can stand and walk but are limited in their strength and range of motion
  • Have difficulty managing a cane, walker, or crutch

Grab Bars

Grab bars are an excellent piece of equipment for inside the home. These fixtures can be installed throughout the home and serve as a safety feature. Seniors can hold on to these bars whenever they want to go to different locations throughout the house. They’re particularly helpful in places such as the bathroom and bedroom. 

Transfer Lifts

If you have a senior who has a caretaker, or you are your senior’s caretaker, a transfer lift can make aging in place easier. These devices help safely lift a person and transfer them to another location with minimal effort. Once a caregiver loads the senior onto the device, they can be transported virtually anywhere inside the home. 


For seniors, going up and down stairs can be difficult. If your senior is living in a home that has stairs, don’t fret. The installation of a stairlift can make aging in place a possibility. These devices can be purchased or rented and can be customized to fit virtually any staircase. As long as the staircase is at least 29 inches wide, a stairlift can be installed, and your senior can safely get up and down stairs. 

Dependable Aging in Place Equipment

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Administrator December 7, 2023
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