8 Tips for Using a Walker in the Winter

Winter conditions pose a threat to even the most agile person. If you’re using a walker, getting around in the winter requires a little bit of extra precaution. If you’re like most walker users, the last thing you’d want to do is hibernate at home throughout the season. Here are eight tips to help walker users safely get around this winter. 

Tip #1: Clear Pathways

The winter is notorious for snow and ice. To avoid slipping, have someone clear pathways that you use to get around. This includes:

  • Ramps
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Walkways 

Tip #2: Upgrade Your Walker

Walker handles can become very cold during the window. To warm things up, add some fleece or velcro to your handles. Not only will this keep your hands warmer while using your walker, but it will also help you keep your grip.

Tip #3: Create Safer Exits

If the outside of your home has stairs or a ramp, be sure to make these places safe to use. Clear any debris that may be on them and use ice melt to prevent ice from forming on these important access points.

Tip #4: Dress Appropriately

While your mobility equipment is important for your safely getting around in the winter, the clothes you wear are also important. Dress in layers so that you’re able to remove clothing when you’re hot, and add clothing when you start to feel cold.

Tip #5: Care for Your Walker

Always be sure to treat your walker to some TLC during the winter. This means storing it in a well-tempered room when not in use and regularly cleaning it. During this time, it’s especially important you’re disinfecting your walker regularly. 

Tip# 6: Add Some Lights

It gets dark earlier in the day during the winter. This means it becomes more difficult to see during the afternoon. Add some lights to your walker to ensure that people can see you, and you can seed ahead of you. 

Tip #7: Have Someone Help

While walkers allow you to be independent, having a helper can help during the winter. They can look out for you and ensure your safety.

Tip #8: Make the Smart Choice

Always use your best judgment for when to venture out of your home. Always have an emergency plan and always be prepared for the unexpected. 

We’re Here for You This Winter

Freedom Mobility is here to help you stay safe this winter. Whether you need to buy a quality walker to get you through the winter or need a wheelchair rental in Hanover, MD, we’re always here to serve you. Call us today to learn more.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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