A Few Tips for Ramp Rentals in Maryland

Ensuring that your wheelchair bound guests can safely come into, leave, and maneuver in your home is exceptionally important no matter the occasion. One important component of this process is having ramps where needed. However, before you rent your ramp, there are a few things that you should consider. Let’s take a look at some ramp rental tips.

What Do You Need?

Take a turn around your home and determine where someone in a wheelchair might run into trouble. Though the stairs are obvious, a ramp will not be able to address them. You would need a stairlift for that, which we can address, if you like. Barring the stairs, look for instances of one or two steps or sudden raises in the floor. These commonly occur at entrances and between rooms. Make a list of the problem locations throughout your home and we can work through them when we discuss your ramp rental. You should also make sure that you check the outdoor areas of your home as well so that all of your bases are covered.

Address Installation and Removal of the Ramps

A wheelchair ramp is only as safe as it is well-installed. That is to say that setting a wheelchair ramp up incorrectly can lead to malfunction and even injury. To make sure that your rented wheelchair ramps operate correctly, our team will come out to install them as part of the service. When your rental is complete, we will also come and remove them to minimize the potential damage to your home.

Is a Rental the Right Solution?

Here at Freedom Mobility, we offer rental terms from one month to one year, and everything in between. If you think that you might need the ramp for longer than that, then rental might not be the right solution for your situation. For example, if your loved one will require a wheelchair for the rest of their life, then you may want to simply invest in one rather than renting, especially if they live with you or plan to visit often.

Freedom Mobility is Your Home for Ramp Rental in Maryland

If you have questions about ramp rentals or you’re ready to go, then contact us today. We can talk you through your options and address your needs as you express them. We’re ready to jump in and become an extension of your care team.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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