A Quick Guide to Knee Walkers

Knee walkers are used in the recovery process of ankle injuries, foot injuries, or Achilles injuries. They were designed to keep the weight off your foot or injury so you can heal quicker, similar to crutches, but with less weight put on your upper body.  When thinking about renting or buying a knee walker, you have to be informed about the pro’s and con’s of using one. Today, we will discuss a guide to knee walkers.

The Advantages

Knee walkers are a great substitute for crutches. Crutches tend to put more weight on your upper body to carry yourself around and can lead to more injuries, where as knee walkers make it so it supports you and lifts the weight off your shoulders. Knee walkers also provide more balance and stability, so you’re less likely to accidentally fall or have someone knock you over.

Obviously, knee walkers are made to make things easier for you, and that’s a huge advantage. Knee walkers can support you getting around the house, maintain good posture, and even reaching those pesky, hard to reach places.

There are also two different kinds of knee walkers you can choose from so your mobile helper is perfect for you: all-terrain and standard. All-terrain knee walkers has larger wheels and can hold a heavier weight, whereas standard ones have smaller wheels and hold lighter weights.

The Disadvantages

Seniors are also known to benefit from using knee walkers, as it gives them a chance to stabilize and support themselves. However, some seniors may not be able to use a knee walker due to health conditions, in which case a regular walker will do just fine.

Generally, using a knee walker isn’t the fastest way to get around. Especially since you can’t use it with stairs, so you have to take minor detours to get to the places you need to go. Another disadvantage to having a knee walker is just the size and weight of it. They are heavier and bigger than crutches, which make it more of a hassle to try and maneuver around.

Where Can I Get a Knee Walker?

You can find a knee walker to rent in Maryland, right here at Freedom Mobility. With years of experience in helping people recover from injuries and helping people become more mobile, Freedom Mobility has what it takes to help you pick out the right walker. Come in today to find out how we can help you find the right knee walker.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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