A Quick Guide to Raised Toilet Seats

There are plenty of bathroom accessories available today that can help make your home and daily tasks around the house safer and easier for you if you have mobility issues. Here's a quick guide to the popular mobility accessory that is available to you in Maryland from Freedom Mobility, the raised toilet seat.

Using your home’s toilet can be difficult if you have mobility difficulties with your arms, legs, or back. In order to make this daily necessity easier to use, experts have designed accessories that not only make it easier on your body to lower and raise yourself from the seat but sit comfortably as well.

Raised toilet seats are a must-have for your bathroom, as they have many benefits:

They provide a safer bathroom experience.

If you suffer from muscle weakness or poor balance, a raised toilet seat or riser can greatly reduce your risk of falling while lowering yourself onto the commode. These accessories allow you to be seated without bending your knees as much, lessening the muscle strain you get with a traditional toilet.

They are a money-saving solution.

Is your existing toilet not at a safe or reasonable height? Have you been considering buying a taller toilet? Instead of spending the money on a brand new fixture, you can have a raised toilet seat installed to elevate the toilet’s seating surface to a height that suits you more appropriately.

They offer comfort and support

Raised toilet seats and other mobility accessories that are created with comfort in mind have padded cushioning that can be thick or thin depending on your specific needs. You don’t have to worry about the seat coming off, either, as they come equipped with clips, rubber, or other secure materials on their underside which keep the accessory in place.

They add functionality to the bathroom.

If your toilet is close in proximity to your other bathroom fixtures, you can use the handles or grab bars on the raised toilet accessory to move and steady yourself while using other nearby features like the bathtub or sink.

They can improve your health.

Putting off using the bathroom because it has often been a painful or uncomfortable experience can be damaging to your gastrointestinal and urological health. Don’t risk further injury or health issues and find the toilet seat accessories that suit you best.

Looking for Mobility Accessories in Maryland?

Freedom Mobility has everything you need to make your home a safer and more comfortable place to be if you have a disability or have a difficult time getting around. We are proud to offer mobility solutions in the form of home-care aids, wheelchairs, and other equipment to those in need throughout MarylandContact us or visit our showroom today to find the mobility accessories that work best for you.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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