Age in Place Comfortably with These Mobility Solutions

Many seniors that reside in assisted living homes do so because these facilities have helpful options that accommodate the disabilities or physical weaknesses that come with old age. Aging in place is often the more desirable option because it gives seniors the opportunity to remain in a familiar space while maintaining their independence. If you have mobility issues, you might think that an assisted living home is your best option. Fortunately, with the right mobility solutions in place, you can age comfortably at home with ease. Take a look at some of the solutions available to you that can make it possible to age in place:

Meal Delivery

The food delivery industry is booming, and depending on where you live, it’s likely that you can order meals from any of the restaurants local to you. Not keen on ordering takeout? For a healthier and more consistent option, there is a variety of meal delivery services that allow you to customize your meals. This makes it easy to accommodate any special dietary restrictions or requirements.

Private Transportation

Aging in place doesn’t mean you can’t spend time out of the house. Although some public transportation offers accessibility for those with mobility issues, private transportation services are also available that specialize in senior transport. These companies have experience assisting those with disabilities and mobility concerns and have proper space to ensure comfortable seating and power/wheelchair transport.

Mobility Equipment

Freedom Mobility’s stairlift store in Maryland has a variety of home mobility solutions that make aging in place affordable and efficient. Here’s just some of the equipment we offer for rent or purchase: Grab Bars – Great for bathrooms, grab bars can be installed near toilets, in showers, and around bathtubs to make raising and lowering yourself safer and more comfortable. Handrails – If you need assistance stabilizing yourself when traveling throughout your home, handrails are helpful for stability in hallways and stairways. Wheelchair Ramps – If you heavily rely on a wheelchair to help you navigate your home, indoor ramps can be installed that allow for smooth and safe travel between rooms. Outdoor wheelchair ramps are also available for rent or purchase from our mobility equipment store and can make entering and exiting your home easier. Lift Chairs – Our lift chairs offer a comfortable spot to eat, rest, read, watch television, or any other seated activity you desire. These chairs are designed to make the transition from a seated-to-standing position easier by lifting the user safely upwards from the seat. Stairlifts – Do you have a home with multiple floors or levels? As you age, walking up and down stairs can get more and more difficult, especially if you have joint pain or muscle weakness. Instead of neglecting other floors in your home, consider having a stairlift installed! This equipment offers a seated, secure motorized ride up and down your staircase. Come visit our starlift store in Maryland to check out these and other top-quality mobility solutions we have to offer to those choosing to age in place.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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