Aging in Place is Simple with the Right Mobility Equipment

As you get older, it can be difficult to perform tasks like going up and down the stairs or performing typical bathroom activities. Some choose to move to an assisted living facility to get the help they need around the clock, but this can be difficult for those with financial constraints or who simply desire the familiarity of their own home.

Aging in place is simple when you have the right mobility equipment, and here at Freedom Mobility, we have everything you need:

Grab Bars and Hand Rails

If you need extra support when navigating certain areas of your home, our grab bars and hand rails are your best bet for added safety. They can be installed almost anywhere, from bathrooms and bedrooms to hallways and kitchens. Areas that get slippery can pose an added threat to your stability, and our grab bars can significantly lower your chances of slips and falls throughout your home. We even offer grab poles that mount from floor to ceiling for safety anywhere in your home.


Leaving and entering your home is a challenge when you get older or have mobility issues due to an injury or disease. Get in and out safely by renting a ramp from Freedom Mobility. Our selection includes:

  • Modular ramps that consist of several platforms and can be placed in tight spaces or uneven yards.
  • Portable ramps that are good for homes with low-rise stairs or entryways with only a few stairs.
  • Door threshold ramps that provide a smooth transition between uneven surfaces.

Shower Chairs and Transfer Benches

Getting in and out of the shower or bath can be difficult for you as you age. Showering in a seated position can be helpful to those with a limited range of movement, joint pain, or muscle weakness. Our chairs and benches offer the perfect mobility solution for those needing a safer and sturdier way to get in and out of the shower and bathe themselves comfortably.


Getting up and down the stairs in your home can be increasingly hard on your bones and muscles, and if you are already experiencing weakness and/or pain when carrying out this task, you might find yourself staying on one level of your home as much as possible. Make your way safely and comfortably up your staircase with our professionally-installed stairlifts to ensure you can easily get to any area in your home.

Looking for Mobility Equipment for Aging in Place in Maryland?

Freedom Mobility has reliable stairlifts and other mobility equipment that can be installed in all types of homes to ensure you can age in place safely and comfortably. Visit our showroom in Hanover, MD or contact our mobility solutions experts today and rest assured you have everything you need to live your daily life more easily at home.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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