Bathroom Safety

A Safer Space for Daily Personal Care

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the house, especially for someone who is not fully mobile. Between the slippery tile, sharp corners and splashing water, there are plenty of factors that can lead to a serious injury.

Whether you live in Annapolis, Hanover, Glen Burnie, Rockville, Towson or Owings Mills, our experienced specialists can recommend the right combination of products to make for safer and more comfortable bathroom use. 

And even if the bathroom was 100% safe, using it can still be challenging for those with mobility challenges, as many bathroom activities involve joint movements that may be difficult or uncomfortable. 

That’s why at Freedom Mobility, our focus is both on safety and comfort when it comes to Maryland bathroom safety equipment.

Shower Chairs and Transfer Benches

Whether you have a limited range of movement after a surgery or muscle weakness and joint pain due to old age, showering in a seated position can be a true convenience. Freedom Mobility offers a variety of bath chairs and shower transfer benches to make showering a safer and more pleasant experience.

Our bath and shower chairs can be placed directly in the bathtub or shower. They are sturdy and secure, as well as comfortable for everyday use. All models have handles and slip-resistant tips, but some may also include added features such as adjustable height and a convenient notch to hold a shower handle.

Our transfer benches are designed to ensure a safe and comfortable transfer between the inside and the outside of a tub.

 A typical bench has four legs: two are placed inside the tub and two remain on the floor. This way, you can take a seat on the outer edge of the bench and slowly slide inside the tub. You will have to lift your legs a bit, but you won’t have to make a step or climb over the tub’s edge. 

If you are looking for transfer benches in Central Maryland, Freedom Mobility can help! The models we carry feature reversible backs for left or right-handed entry, handles, adjustable height, water drainage holes, slip-resistant tips and many other comfort and safety features.

Rolling Shower Commode Chairs

A commode can be a convenient solution for patients who are not mobile enough to travel to the bathroom. It can be placed in the bathroom and used as a raised seat if you don’t want to modify your existing toilet. We carry a variety of well-constructed 3-in-1 commodes with ample seating space, excellent weight support and slip-resistant rubber tips. 

Whether you are looking for portability, padding or solutions with arm and back supports, we have the best 3-in-1 commodes in Central Maryland. In addition to the drop-arm commodes, we also offer bariatric solutions with up to 850 lbs. weight capacity. 

Bathroom Transfer Systems

Grab Bars: For Balance & Stability

One of our Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists will visit your home to assess your bathroom safety and mobility challenges. Freedom Mobility can help you every step of the way, from selecting the right grab bars for your needs, to planning the placement and securely installing the bars. We proudly offer everything from standard grab bars to polished nickel designer grab bars to grab bars that double as towel racks or provide additional bathroom storage. 

Elevated Toilet Seats

Lowering yourself onto a toilet seat can be a challenging task for any person with limited mobility. And if you also suffer from poor balance or muscle weakness, using the toilet can put you at risk of falling. 

Raised toilet seats and risers are used in conjunction with your existing toilet to raise the height of the sitting surface. This means you won’t have to bend your knees and engage your muscles as much. 

At Freedom Mobility, we carry a wide selection of raised toilet seats and risers to fit any toilet, including elongated raised toilet seats, standard bowl raised toilet seats, lock-on or clamp-on raised toilet seats and toilet riser kits. Many of our raised toilet seats and risers have detachable arms for additional support during the transfer.

Bathlifts: A More Relaxing Bathing Experience

A bath lift is designed to lower a person in a seated position from the height of the tub rim down to the bottom of the tub, and then back up again. Bath lifts are great for people who enjoy soaking in a bathtub but would like to avoid the strain and pain from lowering themselves to the bottom of the tub.

Most of the bath lifts we carry are battery-operated and come with a waterproof remote control. Other models include air-cushion technology based on air compressors, and there are also hydraulically-driven manual bath lifts that use the person’s weight and water buoyancy to lower or raise the lift. 

Many bath lifts are portable and fit inside a tub, while some are wall-mounted. If you need help getting to the tub and inside the tub, there are bath lifts in Central Maryland that can accommodate these needs. Just talk to our team and we’ll help you find the best solution.

Additional Bathroom Solutions from Freedom Mobility

A traditional wall-mounted shower head is not suitable for someone who has to shower in a seated position. You want to be able to get your entire body wet and clean—not just your back. That’s when a handheld shower comes to the rescue. Thanks to its flexible design, you can direct the water where you need it rather than adjusting your position to fit under a fixed stream.

Freedom Mobility is a distributor of the most convenient and reliable handheld showers in Central Maryland. We both carry and install a variety of great handheld shower solutions. Our specialized shower heads may come with the following features depending on the model:

  • extra-long hose for longer reach
  • convenient on/off switch located on the handle
  • a diverter valve to switch between multiple shower heads
  • several spray pattern options, such as massaging, multi-speed and pause control

You can choose from several designer styles to select the handheld shower that will fit well with the rest of your bathroom finishes.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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