Can You Use Ramps in Your Home?

Ramps are helpful mobility solutions for those who have difficulty climbing stairs or who require use of a wheelchair or other mobility equipment due to a temporary or permanent disability. They are most commonly installed over stairs leading up to homes or places of business, but did you know you can rent a ramp and use it inside of your home, as well? 

Let’s take a closer look at this piece of mobility equipment and see why it’s a flexible and beneficial addition to your home.

Best Ramps for Indoor Use

Ramps come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are built strictly for outdoor use, while others are portable and can be used indoors as well. Portable ramps are best used on surfaces that are slightly uneven, or between rooms where there are only a few low-rise stairs present. These ramps typically fold in half, so they are easy to move from place to place and are convenient to store when not in use.

Door threshold ramps are another great option, as they are made for the purpose of smoothing transitions between uneven door frames in the home. Freedom Mobility offers rentals of both portable and door threshold ramps that are durable, safe, and ADA-compliant. 

Benefits of Indoor Ramps

Not yet convinced? Here are some of the reasons our customers love our wheelchair ramps as the perfect mobility solution in their homes:

  • Improves Mobility – Our ramps allow you to enter and leave the rooms of your home comfortably.
  • Available in Different Materials – Ramps come in various materials including aluminum, wood, and rubber, and can add style and beauty to your home, rather than dampening the aesthetic.
  • Quick and Easy Installation – Our professionals will install the equipment right where you need it, and will remove it when you are finished renting.
  • Convenient for Everyone – Our ramps are not only convenient for those who have a disability, but also for family members or caregivers who spend time in the home as well. They can make it easier to transport additional mobility equipment, furnishings, and even groceries between rooms.
  • Enhances Home Value – This is especially true if you live in a community for seniors. If you’re planning to sell your home, potential buyers will delight in the proof that the house can be easily modified for better mobility and may be willing to pay more for this convenience.

Your Source for Affordable Ramp Rental in MD

Freedom Mobility is a mobility solutions expert and equipment rental company located in Hanover, MD. To learn more about our ramp rentals and find the perfect mobility equipment for you, contact us today! 

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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