Choosing the Right Rollator

A popular alternative to standard walkers, rollators facilitate ease of mobility by using wheels that allow customers to push the equipment rather than having to lift it as they walk. The rolling motion provides smoother travel and enables a quicker pace than can be achieved with traditional walkers. It’s beneficial to make a few key considerations before settling on the rollator that’s best for you:

Size Requirements

There are a few measurements that need to be taken in order to determine the appropriate rollator size specifications for you:

  • Width – The width of the equipment needs to both satisfy your comfort needs and fit properly through hallways and doorways in your home.
  • Height – The highest points of a rollator are the handles, which need to be measured for properly to ensure comfortable use and prevention of hand or wrist injury.
  • Weight – Your equipment should have a weight capacity that is strong enough to support you, and the rollator itself should be light enough for you to lift into a vehicle or storage area when necessary.

Helpful Tip: To properly measure for handle height, stand up straight with shoes on and your arms down by your sides. Have someone measure the distance between the ground and the crease in your wrist. This measurement is your ideal rollator handle height.

Wheel Options

Rollators have different options when it comes to their main component:

  • 3 Wheels – These models are lightweight and fold easily, but tend to be narrow and have a tight turning radius.
  • 4 Wheels – These rollators take up more space and are heavier than 3-wheeled models, but they offer more stability, have a higher weight capacity, and can include a seat to provide dual functionality.
  • Wheel Size – Small wheels contribute less to the rollator’s overall weight, but larger wheels make it easier to travel over uneven surfaces.

Available Features

Rollators are often equipped with additional features in order to promote convenience and ease of use. Baskets and collapsible pouches provide an enclosed storage space for personal items. Some rollators can fold up for more efficient storage and transport. 4-wheeled models have a high enough weight capacity and a suitable structure for a plastic, padded, or sling seat, allowing users to stop and take a rest when needed.

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Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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