Everything You Need to Know About the UStep II Walker

The UStep ll walker is a helpful mobility device for those with neurological conditions. Its unique features have made the walker a popular choice for those with limited mobility. It offers more stability, maneuverability, and control than a standard walker. Here is what you need to know about this walker’s features. 

Reversed Braking System

The UStep ll walker does not roll until you lightly squeeze its hand brakes. That means no more having to worry about your walker rolling away from you. Its innovative brake system puts more control in the user’s hands. This type of braking system is particularly helpful when standing up from a chair since you can rest assured that the walker will not roll away. 

Rolling Resistance Control

Unlike traditional rolling walkers, the UStep ll walker allows users to adjust the rolling speed. For those who feel as if their current walker rolls too quickly, you’ll enjoy this benefit. You can adjust the walker’s speed by loosening the set screw and adjusting the lever to your ideal level of resistance. Afterward, you just have to re-tighten the screw, and you are good to go at your own pace.

Spring-Loaded Front Wheel

The walker’s patented spring-loaded front caster system makes maneuvering through obstacles easier. Its system gives the walker the ability to easily glide over uneven surfaces. As a result, you can avoid sudden jolts and having to lift the walker to avoid small obstacles. It’s an ideal feature for those who are always on the go outside. 

Easy to Transport

This is a perfect walker to travel with. The UStep ll walker can be folded and placed into virtually any car. To fold the walker, simply lift the release lever by the seat and pull up on the seat. It’s that easy! Users can feel good knowing that they can bring their UStep walker anywhere. 

Optional Laser & Sound Cueing Module

This walker comes with an optional Laser & Sound Cueing Module, which is perfect for those with Parkinson’s freezing. The cueing module can help normalize walking and increase the user’s stride. All they have to do is press the green or red button to display a bright green or red laser line on the floor to guide their steps. 

Get the UStep ll Walker From a Mobility Store in MD

Ready to get the UStep ll walker? Freedom can help. This specialty walker is available for purchase online or at our Hanover, MD, showroom.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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