Foam Mattresses vs. Air Mattresses

A good night’s rest is crucial for good health, body functionality, and alertness. Your mattress plays a critical role in your quality of sleep. There is a wide variety of mattresses to choose from, but the most common mattress technologies are memory foam mattresses and air-filled mattresses. Keep reading to discover some of the key differences, and find out which one might be right for you. 


Foam mattresses are made from synthetic foam that takes the shape of your body as you sleep and returns to its original shape once you get off the mattress. It will either have a solid foam core or multiple layers of foam. Air mattresses, on the other hand, have an air-filled core. They look similar to a traditional mattress and box spring set, but the mattress has air compartments that are made out of rubber or reinforced plastic. The core is covered with foam padding, and the entire mattress is covered with natural or synthetic fabric.


Both types of mattresses have their benefits. For air mattresses, users have a high level of adjustability. Users can easily add or remove air to adjust the firmness of the mattress. Air mattresses also help reduce pressure points by spreading out the body’s weight across the length of the mattress. 

Foam mattresses are known to do a better job of eliminating pressure points than air mattresses. The mattress conforms to the body’s shape and spreads the weight of the body across a larger area than air mattresses. 

Common Complaints

Nothing is 100 percent perfect. Some foam mattresses can produce a strong chemical odor that takes a long time to go away. They are also heavy and tend to capture body heat, therefore making it uncomfortable to sleep. Lastly, it can be difficult to roll over and move around a foam mattress once it has formed around your body.

Air mattresses, on the other hand, can be noisy while being filled up with air. They are durable, but they are known to have leaks, and their air pumps and control can sometimes fail. Moisture can also become trapped in the inside of the mattress and lead to mold growth. Lastly, some air mattresses can have areas that are too soft to sit on or too hard to lay on. 

Still Unsure?

If you’re still unsure about which mattress is right for you, Freedom Mobility can help. We offer both air and foam mattresses, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision. You can view some of the many mattresses we offer, and as always, contact us now if you have questions. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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