4 Things to Consider When Choosing Between Folding and Break Down Scooters

When you are choosing between a folding and a break down mobility scooter, there are a few things to consider. You might feel this is a simple choice, but our team at Freedom Mobility wants you to know all the facts. Review these four tips if you are torn between a folding and breakdown scooter, and contact our team for further assistance.

#1: Weight

While you may feel that a folding scooter is lighter because — well, it folds — that’s not always the case. The base on a folding scooter weighs 75 lbs while the heaviest piece on a break down scooter only weighs 45 lbs. We want you to have an easy time dealing with these scooters, and this small piece of information might change your mind.

#2:  Functionality

When you are breaking down or folding a scooter, you may feel that a folding scooter is easier to manage. Yes, a break down scooter may be lighter, but a folding scooter folds in on itself in moments while a break down scooter takes more time to disassemble and reassemble.

#3: Your Lifestyle

While you may be concerned about the functionality of your scooter, you may not need to worry about folding or breaking it down. If you use your scooter in an isolated location and never travel with the device, you can choose the style that you enjoy riding. If you keep the scooter at home, you may want a folding model because it is easier to store. Some people, however, may prefer a break down model to use in a beach house or vacation home because you can break it down, keep it in good condition, and avoid issues with the hinges during long periods of inactivity. 

#4:  Your Support System

When you consider the functionality of the scooter, think of who is with you when the scooter is either folded or broken down. If you generally have people with you, they can help with a break down model. If not, you may want a folding scooter that is easier to manage when you are alone.

Freedom Mobility Can Help You Choose

At Freedom Mobility, we are happy to work with you while choosing between a folding and break down mobility scooter. Call us at 443-251-3053 or contact us online for assistance, or visit our Hanover, MD showroom to see each model for yourself.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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