Get Better Sleep While Aging-in-Place

As we age, our ability to move around and navigate the world safely and comfortably tends to decrease. When you live with a mobility issue, some of the tasks that you used to overcome effortlessly can become difficult and even painful to complete. Aging in place can make these tasks even tougher, especially if you don’t have the right mobility equipment in your Maryland home. 

Take sleep, for example. A necessary part of life, sleep allows your body to work in supporting healthy brain function as well as physical health. It provides you with the relaxation you need and energy that helps you make it through each day. If you aren’t getting enough quality sleep at night, your physical and mental health can be affected. Here are some helpful tips for getting better sleep as you age in place.

Practice a Healthy Bedtime Routine

Establishing a healthy bedtime schedule can work wonders for your quality of sleep and your ability to fall asleep – as long as you stick to it. Choose a bedtime that’s not too late but not too early, so that even if you are occupied in the evening, you won’t risk missing your routine. Once your body gets used to this routine, you’ll find yourself better able to fall and stay asleep over time.

Avoid Activities that Hinder Your Quality of Sleep

There are plenty of calming activities, like taking a bath or meditating, that you can do before bedtime to relax and get your body and mind ready for sleep. But it’s also important to be aware of what activities you should avoid, as some are known to cause difficulty falling and staying asleep. These include:

  • Drinking alcohol or caffeine before bed time.
  • Eating meals right before bed.
  • Drinking excessive fluids at night (as this will cause trips to the bathroom that break up your sleep cycle).
  • Using your bedroom for things other than sleep (like reading, watching TV, playing mobile games, etc.)

Consider a Supernal Recliner Bed System

Without a comfortable place to sleep, using the tips above can be fruitless. With the Transfer Master Supernal Recliner Bed System, there’s now an affordable way to introduce the helpful features of a hospital bed to your own home. Getting better sleep is easy with these features:

  • Fully-adjustable at head and foot
  • Wireless hand controls
  • Back lift for visibility
  • Variable massage settings
  • Variety of mattress sizes
  • Two mattress options to choose from:
    • Ascent: Laminated foam that promotes healthy skin
    • Soft Touch: Memory foam that shapes to your body

Looking for Mobility Equipment in Maryland?

If you’re lacking the home mobility equipment you need to sleep and live comfortably, reach out to us here at Freedom Mobility. We have a wide selection of mobility equipment available for rent or purchase, including the Supernal Recliner Bed System, and our Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists are dedicated to finding each of our customers the mobility solutions that will change their lives for the better. Contact us today to learn more.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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