Getting Ready to Use a Wheelchair

Transitioning into a wheelchair is often a last resort for many people. But for some it can be a sudden change, perhaps after an accident or illness. Transitioning into a wheelchair full time can be stressful, but there are things you can do to get yourself ready. Let’s look at some ways you can get yourself and your body ready for full time wheelchair use.

Getting Your Body Ready

Preparing your body for full time wheelchair use isn’t always an option, especially if you suddenly require a wheelchair. But there are some things you can do to help make the transition easier if you are able. By focusing on your core and upper body strength, you can help your body make the transition. If you plan to use a traditional wheelchair, that upper body strength will go a long way in terms of pushing yourself. Strong arms and core are required to spin the wheels of the chair. The more prepared you are the less difficult of a transition it will be into a wheelchair. Having a strong core, arms, and shoulders can also help you to get yourself in and out of the chair more independently. Whether you need to use the restroom or you are getting into bed at the end of the night, having strong arms can help you lift yourself out of your wheelchair.

Getting Your Chair Ready

If you know you will be using a wheelchair long term there are several things you can consider when selecting your wheelchair to make it more comfortable for you. By investing in a high quality wheelchair you can save yourself frustrations in the long run preventing discomfort and a less than smooth ride. Getting fitted for a custom seat cushion and support cushions can also help you make the transition more smooth and comfortable.

Getting Your Home Ready

Making your transition to using a wheelchair full time can also be made easier by making some adjustments to your home. By adding ramps to your home and adjusting entryways in your home you can make getting around easier. Removing carpeting and having consistent flooring can help making transitioning from room to room easier, as well as making adjustments in the bathroom. Transitioning into a wheelchair when you have not used one previously can be a challenge, both physically and emotionally, but doing some things to prepare yourself in advance can make it easier. By working on your upper body strength in preparation for your transition you can make yourself more comfortable. Likewise, by getting your house ready ahead of time you can make the transition more smooth. If you are ready to transition into a wheelchair full time, give us at Freedom Mobility Solutions a call today, your trusted Maryland wheelchair supplier.

Madison Wine December 11, 2023
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