Handicap Accessible Attractions in Baltimore City: Adventures for Wheelchair, Mobility Scooter, and Power Wheelchair Users

Are you planning a visit to Baltimore City but worried about accessibility? Fear not, because with Freedom Mobility Solutions, your exploration of charm city becomes effortless and enjoyable, regardless of your mobility needs. Whether you require a scooter, wheelchair, or powerchair, we've got you covered with our convenient rental options. What's more, we offer flexible rental durations, whether you need equipment for a week-long stay or an entire month. Plus, to make your trip even smoother, with your hotel's permission we'll deliver your chosen mobility device directly to your hotel, ensuring a hassle-free experience from the get-go.

Now, let's delve into some of the must-visit spots in Baltimore that are not only family and kid-friendly but also accessible to everyone:

The National Aquarium in Baltimore

Dive into an underwater adventure at one of the city's most iconic attractions. The Aquarium building is fully wheelchair and scooter accessible, and strollers are available for children and parents with disabilities. Several elevators have been designated for guests using mobility equipment, ensuring effortless navigation throughout the exhibits. With our mobility solutions, you can explore every corner of the aquarium, from the mesmerizing dolphin show to the breathtaking underwater tunnels, with ease. Additionally, reserved accessible seating is available in Dolphin Discovery and the 4D Immersion Theater, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy these captivating experiences.

The Science Center

Unleash your inner scientist at the Maryland Science Center. The Maryland Science Center is wheelchair accessible, with elevators and ramps located throughout the museum to facilitate easy movement. Uniformed staff and volunteers are also available to assist you in finding the best route to your desired exhibits and attractions. With our mobility equipment, you can participate in interactive exhibits, catch an IMAX movie, and even try your hand at hands-on experiments without any limitations.

The Baltimore Inner Harbor

Experience the heart of Baltimore at the Inner Harbor, where historic ships, waterfront restaurants, and lively street performers await. Thanks to our accessible mobility options, you can soak in the sights and sounds of this bustling area without missing a beat. With the convenience of our mobility solutions, you can seamlessly transition from exploring the wonders of the aquarium and science center to immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Inner Harbor, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable adventure for all.

Baltimore Museum of Industry

Immerse yourself in Baltimore's rich industrial heritage at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Step back in time as you explore exhibits showcasing the city's manufacturing history and marvel at the evolution of industry. Our Mobility rentals ensure that everyone can fully engage with the museum's offerings, from interactive displays to hands-on experiences. Additionally, the museum is handicap accessible, providing a seamless and inclusive journey through Baltimore's industrial past. Whether you're operating vintage machinery or admiring the ingenuity of past innovations, your visit to the Baltimore Museum of Industry promises to be both enlightening and accessible.

B&O Railroad Museum

All aboard for a journey through railroad history at the B&O Railroad Museum. The museum prides itself on being highly accessible, with wheelchair, mobility scooter, and powerchair accessibility at the forefront. Its single-level layout and well-placed ramps ensure smooth navigation to all attractions, allowing visitors of all mobility levels to explore the extensive collection of locomotives, railcars, and interactive exhibits with ease. 

Discover Charm City with Freedom Mobility Rentals

Head over to our Rental shop where we have Wheelchair Rentals, Scooter Rentals, Power Wheelchair Rentals for every adventure you go on. With Freedom Mobility Solutions, your visit to Baltimore City promises to be not only accessible but also filled with unforgettable adventures for the whole family. So, don't let mobility concerns hold you back – embark on your Baltimore adventure with confidence and freedom! Whether you're exploring the captivating exhibits of The National Aquarium, delving into the wonders of The Maryland Science Center, or stepping back in time at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, our mobility rentals ensure that nothing stands in the way of your exploration. So, gear up and get ready to discover the charm and excitement of Baltimore with ease.

Rebecca Brashewitz May 10, 2024
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