Home Ramp Rentals for Every Situation

Freedom Mobility is a trusted Maryland Mobility store that offers a variety of mobility, homecare, and home accessibility solutions. One thing Freedom Mobility is proud to offer is a variety of home ramp rentals. Now you no longer have to buy a home ramp; instead, you can enjoy the benefits of a ramp at your home but without the commitment of purchasing one. Freedom Mobility offers home ramp rental for every situation, including:


Do you have a senior aging-in-place? They can benefit from a ramp rental. Even if your senior doesn’t use a wheelchair or a scooter, they can still benefit from a ramp at home. With a ramp, they won’t have to struggle going up and down the stairs. They can simply walk up a steadily increasing ramp to get to an exterior door. A modular ramp or a transitions angled entry ramp will be helpful for seniors. 

Temporarily Disabled

Those who are temporarily disabled can benefit from a home ramp. Ramps make it easy for wheelchairs and scooters to transition from one level to another. They even make it easier for those using crutches to reach doors. Renting a ramp is one way to make it easier for those temporarily disabled to recover. Instead of needing other people to help, those who are temporarily disabled will be able to enter and exit their house on their own.

Temporary Home

If you or your loved one are planning to move within the next year, renting a ramp is a great solution. That is because you won’t have to worry about moving the ramp once you move from the house. To get rid of the ram rental, simply contact Freedom Mobility, and our technicians will take it down and remove it for you. Once you or your loved one move into a new home, you can either rent another ramp or purchase one outright. 

Bariatric Patients

It can be difficult for bariatric patients to move around. Even if they use a scooter to get around, they need an easy way to reach their home’s exterior doors. A modular ramp rental offers the perfect solution for bariatric patients. It makes it easier to reach exterior doors and helps the patient on their weight loss journey. Modular ramps have a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, so all patients can rest assured that they have a reliable way of getting to and from their front door. 

Rent a Ramp Today

Ready for your MD ramp rental from Freedom Mobility? Click here to get started today. If you have questions about our home ramp rentals, give us a call at (443) 342-9839 to speak to a Freedom Mobility Technician.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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