How Do I Pick the Wheelchair That is Right for Me?

Purchasing a wheelchair is a big decision, and there are many factors to consider when choosing the right mobility device for you. What you choose will impact your comfort level, ease of mobility, and overall satisfaction with your purchase. Luckily, there are many types of wheelchairs available offering different features. Here is some advice on what you should be considering before you pick a wheelchair.

Manual or Power

Choosing a manual or powered wheelchair is one of the largest distinctions you will make when choosing a wheelchair. If you have limited mobility, a specific health condition, or need extra assistance, an electric wheelchair makes sense. If you only need a wheelchair temporarily or occasionally, a manual wheelchair may be better suited for your needs. We also offer manual wheelchairs with Power-Assist Technology; these wheelchairs can be started manually and then switched to power mode to allow for easier operation. 

Wheelchair Size and Dimensions

It’s crucial to find a chair that is the correct size, or you could have issues fitting in the chair if it’s too small or too big. Your age, weight, and height should all be considered. At Freedom Mobility, we offer wheelchairs specifically designed for children and adults of all shapes and sizes. Measure the chair’s height and width to ensure a comfortable fit.

Arm and Foot Rests

There are many different arm and footrest options to consider when purchasing your new wheelchair. Arm and footrests provide you with support and comfort. Full-length armrests offer more support, while desk-length options allow the chair to fit easily under most desks or tables. Adjustable armrests can be raised and lowered depending on the situation. Footrests are key to seating, positioning, and functional independence. If the footrest is set too short or too long for the user, weight distribution in the seat will not be optimized, potentially causing injuries.

Storage and Transportation

It is important to choose a wheelchair that not only meets your mobility needs at home but wherever you need to go. Consider the chair dimension and your vehicle or mode of transportation together. Many manual wheelchairs can be folded for convenient transportation and storage during travel. Make sure your wheelchair meets your storage and transportation needs before your purchase.

The Wheels

Your wheelchair’s wheels need to match your mobility needs. If you use your chair outdoors frequently, you will need a more durable tire designed to operate on multiple surfaces. Tread and grip may also be important considerations if you use your wheelchair on slick surfaces.

Tilt and Back Support

Seatback adjustability allows for better positioning and increased comfort. The amount of support you require will vary based on your needs, medical condition, mobility, size, and other factors. You must find a chair that provides you with the right amount of back and head support. If you need a lot of support, a positioning/petal wheelchair may be the right choice for you.

Find Your Perfect Wheelchair

When it comes to choosing a wheelchair, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we offer a wide range of wheelchairs. Whether you are looking for a lightweight wheelchairreclining back wheelchair, or power wheelchair, Freedom Mobility is sure to have a wheelchair fit for you. Visit our central Maryland mobility equipment showroom, and our expert team members will advise you on the best available equipment to meet your lifestyle and budget.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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