How Freedom Mobility Can Help You Age in Place

For most people, their home is their sanctuary. It’s a place where they can go to escape the pressures of the outside world and feel at peace. As we age, it can become increasingly difficult to remain in our homes due to limited mobility. Luckily, Freedom Mobility offers custom home modifications so that you can remain independent inside of your home and efficiently age in place. Take a look at some of the most common home mobility equipment options we provide.

Grab Bars & Handrails

This simple solution allows users to move about their home without having to worry about the possibility of falling. Grab bars and handrails can be installed virtually anywhere in your home, and help those aging in place to move around on their own and maintain balance as they walk. Some of the most common places to have this mobility equipment installed are:

  • In showers
  • Near toilets
  • In kitchens
  • Along stairs and hallways 

Accessibility Ramps

Have you recently begun relying on a wheelchair to get around? Does your home have stairs leading up to the front door? We all know how difficult it can be to get a wheelchair up and down stairs, and that’s why a wheelchair ramp is the best option for users looking to age in place while getting the accessibility they need. Freedom Mobility offers rental and purchase options for ramps for all of our customers. Not only do we offer ramps for the outside of your home, but also for the inside of your home where flooring is uneven.


If you’re having trouble going up and down the stairs of your home, a stairlift is a great option. It’s less expensive than an elevator and offers the same convenience. Freedom Mobility offers a wide selection of stairlifts that can be installed along the wall of your staircase, whether your stairway style is traditional, curved, or includes landings. Equipped with many safety features like obstruction sensors and seat belts, stairlifts can be the perfect solution for maintaining your independence while you age in place.

Age in Place With Freedom Mobility

Freedom Mobility has all of the mobility solutions you need to help you comfortably age in place. Whether you’re looking for home modifications, home care aids, or other mobility equipment rental in MD, we have something for you. Call or contact us today to request an in-home consultation by one of our Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists.

Administrator February 16, 2024
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