How to Make a Wheelchair More Comfortable

If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair to get around, it is best to ensure complete comfortability. Most their time is spent in a wheelchair, so why not make it as cozy and relaxing as possible? Let’s explore some of the ways to make your wheelchair-bound daily life more comfortable!  Pressure sores and ulcers can easily develop when you’re stuck in an uncomfortable wheelchair. To decide which wheelchair upgrades will best suit your needs, consider these factors:

  • Sensation: Can you sense when pressure needs to be relieved? If weight is not easily able to be shifted when in the chair, pressure may be harder to relieve.
  • Mobility: Are you able to use your arms or feet to move around while in the chair? The ability to move around, as well as tilt and recline in the chair is important in preventing sores.
  • Stability: How much support do you need while in the chair? Do you find yourself sliding or leaning forward often? Accessories that provide pelvic support can be helpful here.
  • Quantity of Hours Spent in Wheelchair: The longer you use a wheelchair, the more pressure relief is needed.
  • Comfort: Is there enough cushioning in your wheelchair? Aligning the body properly in the chair is essential to user comfort.

Wheelchair Additions to Improve Comfortability:

Wheelchair Cushions

Whether your wheelchair came from the factory with uncomfortable seating or has seen many years of use and is no longer comfortable, cushions are available to promote a more pleasurable wheelchair experience. Purchasing a higher quality cushion or replacing one that has been worn out can work wonders on an uncomfortable chair.

Wheelchair Backs

Wheelchair backs are available in a wide variety of contours. Postural support is very important in building a more comfortable wheelchair, and many backs are designed to help with lateral positioning, pelvic relief, and scapular relief.

Additional Accessories

There are plenty of other wheelchair accessories that offer support for even the most complex positioning needs. Some products available are: pelvic positioning belts, head and neck rests, torso support straps, arm troughs, wrist straps, shoe holders, foot boxes, and amputee leg support. Obtaining the highest level of comfortability from your wheelchair is extremely important in everyday life. Freedom Mobility recognizes this and is a company focused on continual learning and knowledge of the latest mobility solutions. We provide service throughout Maryland and pride ourselves in meeting the specific needs of each individual customer. To learn more about our equipment sales, rentals, and more ways to be more comfortable in your wheelchair, contact us today!

Administrator December 7, 2023
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