How to Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable

Spring is finally here. Although it’s likely you’re currently limited to your own backyard when it comes to spending time outdoors,  you can still enjoy the birds chirping and the trees blossoming from the comfort of your wheelchair. Take a look at some accessories that will help make your wheelchair more comfortable this season. 

Backpacks and Pouches

Equipping your wheelchair with a backpack will give you the storage space you need to keep necessities with you at all times. Whether you have medical equipment, medications, or food and drink items you prefer to keep with you, a wheelchair backpack will provide the necessary storage space without causing any strain or soreness, as it easily attaches to the chair’s back, rather than your own. Only need a little bit of storage space? Wheelchair pouches are a smaller alternative. They allow you to keep those smaller, personal items on you at all times. You can use these pouches to carry items like a wallet, cellphone, hat, or snack.

Wheelchair Cushions

The first thing you can do to ensure maximum comfort in your wheelchair is to adjust its seat cushion. Are you currently not using a seat cushion? If you do currently have a seat cushion, has it worn down due to extended use? Buying a new comfortable seat cushion will make riding around more comfortable and convenient, regardless of the terrain you face.

Cushioned Arm Rests

Sometimes you want more than just seat cushions – you want your arms to be comfortable, too. Using a manual wheelchair can cause arm pain, so investing in cushioned armrests will help to make using your chair more comfortable.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar supports are cushions that are placed on your lower back in order to reduce fatigue. Where this cushion is placed is crucial for comfort in your wheelchair. Improperly-supported wheelchair backs can cause them to give out with extended use, but luckily getting lumbar support for your chair will prevent this problem from affecting you.

Looking to Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable?

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Administrator December 7, 2023
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