How to Maximize Independence Safely

Sometimes, people need help living independently because it may not be safe for them to be completely independent. They might need help up the stairs, getting out of bed, or changing their clothes. There are lots of reasons why people can be dependent, but they are mostly concerned for their own safety. Today, we’re going to talk about how you or your loved one can get as much independence as possible, but safely.

Check the House

Before leaving your loved one alone, check around their house. Can they move around the house with ease? Is everything in reaching distance for them? Will they have difficulty going up and down stairs? If any of these answers is “no,” you might want to think about installing mobility helpers, like a stair lift. A stair lift could easily get you or a loved one up and down the stairs with little to no energy exerted. You could also look in to a walker, or other mobility helpers of the like.

While you check around the house, make sure to see if there’s anything dangerous laying about, so that no one trips and injures themselves when they are alone. On the same note, make sure there are no fire hazards that could put you or your loved one in danger.

Routines and Rituals

To fully maximize your safety, get a routine or ritual in place for your daily life. Doing the same things daily can decrease the likelihood of some kind of accident and ensure that you are staying active, which is also a big part of being able to maximize independence. Having a routine or a ritual also creates consistency that is easy to stick with, making it easier to be independent.

Stay Active

Staying active and routines and rituals go hand-in-hand. Though many seniors may be scared to fall so they tend to avoid big activity, that could potentially increase their risk of falling. The more you stay inactive, the more your bones and body get used to just sitting around all day, and they won’t be used to walking around and doing activity, which should be avoided.

If staying active without a mobility helper is hard to do, come by Freedom Mobility in Maryland to see how we can help you stay active and mobile so you can have all the independence you want.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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