How to Remain Active in a Wheelchair

Trying to remain active in a wheelchair can be difficult, but isn’t impossible. There are many things wheelchair-bound folks can do to stay active, and as someone who’s operated a Maryland mobility store for years, we wanted to take some time today to talk about how you can remain active, even if you’re completely reliant upon your wheelchair for mobility.

Play a Sport

There are a number of different sports that can still be played in a wheelchair, though basketball seems to be one of the most popular. You can look online or check your local community recreation center to see if you have any wheelchair leagues around you. Not only will playing a sport help keep your body strong, but it’s also fun!

Get Out More

Unfortunately, many wheelchair-bound people can become depressed and may not want to leave their house. While we understand how serious depression is, we also encourage the customers at our MD mobility store to get out and roll around their neighborhood. Not only will this help them exercise, but it also helps them get some fresh air and meet some people.

Keep Your Mind Active

While keeping your body active is extremely important, you also need to keep your mind active. Being confined to a chair and staying shut inside your house can have detrimental effects on a person’s psyche, which is why it’s important to keep your mind active. Talk with friends often, read books, and study things that interest you, do whatever you can to keep your mind sharp.

Work with an Experienced Maryland Mobility Store Operator

Here at Freedom Mobility, we’ve been helping people in our Maryland mobility store for years, and we hope to do so for many more. We understand how important your mobility is to you, and we will do anything we can to help you get around. Our team of Maryland mobility experts is standing by ready to assist you, give us a call today.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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