Improve Your Mobility with a New Wheelchair this Spring

It’s a brand new decade, so why not focus on your mobility? Your old wheelchair may be limiting you in ways you don’t even realize yet, and if you’re ready to change things up in 2020, a new wheelchair can help you get out there and enjoy more of the world both safely and comfortably this year. Check out some of Freedom Mobility’s best options for improving your wheelchair experience this spring. Two of our popular wheelchair models include the Strongback Wheelchair and the WHILL Model Ci. Although one is manually operated and the other is a power-based device, both offer the user significant benefits that can help improve their mobility. Let’s take a closer look at both:

The Strongback Wheelchair

If improving your mobility means finding a more comfortable and convenient way to navigate the world this spring, consider the Strongback wheelchair. This manual chair that is operated by your caregiver is designed with a back that conforms to and supports the natural lumbar curve of your spine. Providing a “strong back” like this helps the chair prevent users from slouching forward and squeezing their spinal discs, which causes unnecessary pressure and pain.  Need a firmer back on your wheelchair? No problem! The chair’s back support can be modified to be firmer or softer depending on the needs of the user. The Strongback wheelchair is lightweight and portable, weighing between 19-26 pounds depending on the model you choose. Their compact design allows for easy folding, making traveling with your wheelchair a breeze.

The WHILL Model Ci Wheelchair

Looking to head out on more adventures in 2020? Don’t let your mobility concerns stop you from getting out and enjoying treks in the warm weather that’s soon to come. WHILL’s Model Ci is an innovative alternative to standard power wheelchairs. With its ability to stand up to non-level terrain, ease of climbing over up to 2” obstacles, and a turning radius of 30”, the WHILL Model Ci will give you the freedom to pursue your adventures in style.  But the Model Ci doesn’t just give you better mobility outdoors…it’s designed to help you engage in your favorite indoor activities, as well. With a short wheelbase, narrow frame, responsive controls, and ability to make tight turns, this wheelchair offers improved mobility and allows you to fit comfortably into any environment.

Ready for a New Wheelchair in Maryland?

Freedom Mobility‘s showroom in Hanover, MD offers those with mobility concerns a chance to see and test out a variety of wheelchairs so that they may find the mobility equipment that’s a perfect fit for their needs. Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair with lumbar support that’s easy to travel with, or a state-of-the-art power wheelchair that will help you explore the outdoors with ease, we’ve got the solution for you. Stop in today or give us a call to learn more.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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