Is Your Home Ready for a Stairlift?

Many Marylanders suffer from mobility issues, but modern technology has luckily been able to help these folks out. To someone that can’t climb stairs, having a stairlift installed can quite literally change their lives. As an experienced Maryland stairlift rental provider, we wanted to take some time today to talk about how you can get your home ready for a stairlift.

What Kind of Stairwell Do You Have?

For those with a straight stairwell, the installation process is fairly simple. But for anyone that has a spiral staircase or a staircase with any bends or turns in it, it may not be that simple. This is something you will have to discuss with your Maryland stairlift rental provider. They’ll be able to explain the entire installation process, and will walk you through it.

Clear the Area

Before your rented Maryland stairlift can be installed, you need to make sure your stairwell and the area around it is clear and clean. You may need to move any furniture or rugs in the area, and you may need to sweep or vacuum the area. Some people worry that they will need to rip up their carpeting, but this is something that’s only necessary in the most extreme scenarios. You can speak with your Maryland stairlift rental company to see if you need to remove your carpet.

Prepare for Dust

Installing a stairlift in your home can create quite a bit of dust, so you may want to invest in some covers for your furniture. You can speak with your stairlift installation contractor too to try and limit the spread of the dust. They may be able to put some covers down on the floor.

Installation of Telephones, Emergency Alarms, or Intruder Alarms

You may wish to install telephones, emergency alarms, or intruder alarms at the top or bottom of your staircase. These things could really help you if you find yourself in an emergency situation or if your stairlift ever malfunctions.

Work With an Experienced Maryland Stairlift Rental Provider

Here at Freedom Mobility, we’ve been providing our stairlift rental services to Maryland for years, and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Our customers are more than just our customers, they’re our friends and our family members too, and we treat them as such. If you have any questions regarding stairlift rental in Maryland, give us a call.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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