Is Your Loved One Recovering from a Major Surgery?

Though surgery is meant to heal and revitalize us, it often requires its own recovery process. Recovering from surgery isn’t easy no matter how big or small the surgery may have been. If your loved one has recently undergone a major surgery, there are a few medical devices that may aid in their recovery. Let’s take a look at some ways to help them. 

Renting a Hospital Bed Will Let Them Rest

Hospital beds are more than just places to sleep. They’re specially designed for aiding in recovery, with a nice collection of helpful features. For example, our high-low hospital beds are fully electric and can be adjusted to meet the needs of both the patient and the caregiver for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, because the beds are completely electric, they can be adjusted as much as you wish without putting strain on anyone involved.

Pair Your Hospital Bed with a Transfer Aid

Surgeries can do a number on the body and if your loved one is not strong enough to get to their feet or get out of bed, things like bathing and using the bathroom can seem impossible. However, thanks to transfer aids and patient lifts, anyone can get the help they need. Whether you’re helping your loved one into a wheelchair or you’re assisting in getting them to their feet, these amazing devices can provide the necessary support.

Scooters Will Help Your Patient Keep Moving

As your patient recovers, they may have trouble walking any further than a few feet for a while. Mobility restrictions can often lead to feelings of helplessness and depression, but with a scooter, your loved one can enjoy some travel without straining themselves. Recovery is often a complicated process that involves more than just taking the right medications. Keeping stress levels low and moods high is a key part of staying on the road to wellness no matter the recovery.

Equipment Rentals Bring the Hospital to Your Home

If your loved one is recovering from a major surgery, they may not need their hospital bed, transfer aid, or scooter for longer than a few months. That’s why we offer rentals on these items so that you can take advantage of them without committing to a long-term investment. If you have questions about renting any of our mobility aids or equipment, contact us today. We look forward to meeting your needs.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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