Keeping Your Mobility Equipment in Good Condition

At Freedom Mobility Solutions, we offer customers a wide range of mobility products. These products unlock a world of adventure and possibility, and we are happy to help everyone who comes through the door. At the same time, you need to know about keeping your mobility equipment in good condition. These tips are helpful for mobility device users, friends, family, and caregivers.

Clean the Motor, Controls, and Cords

Clean the motor, controls, and cords at least once a month. A vacuum can remove dust and dirt from the motor casing, and wiping down the controls and cords prevents gunk buildup. 

When you are ready to clean, ensure you unplug the device. You do not want to use liquids to clean the device as they could easily damage the many electrical components that make the chair or scooter so convenient.

Clean the Fabric 

Cleaning the fabric on the chair or scooter prevents the same buildup you might experience on the controls and cords. You can wipe down the fabric with a damp cloth, or you might use a light detergent to wipe down any stains or marks. 

If the seat is leather, you can wipe them down and check for any marks or scratches. It’s easy to remove marks and scratches by rubbing your fingers together and swiping them over the mark (the oil from your skin tends to help these marks subside.)

Check the Batteries

Check the battery for corrosion, but you should also consider replacing the battery every year. While charging, do not continue charging after the battery reaches 100%. Moreover, charge the battery completely before using the device again. 

Cover Your Mobility Equipment

When a mobility scooter or power chair is not in use, keep it covered. Think of your mobility equipment like a precious classic car you only drive a few times a year. Pampering your equipment is always the best policy.

Contact Freedom Mobility for Assistance

For further questions about your mobility equipment or to purchase a new unit, reach out to our team at Freedom Mobility Solutions. We offer professional advice and incredible customer care no matter the scale of your mobility needs.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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