Advantages of a Lift Chair for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Lift chairs are known to be very beneficial for older adults, but did you know that they can be beneficial for pregnant and nursing women? While pregnancy is a beautiful thing, it can put a woman’s body through tremendous discomfort and stress. After giving birth, nursing a newborn baby can also take a toll on the body. But a lift chair helps make pregnancy and nursing a little bit easier. 

Extra Comfort

A lift chair gives a pregnant woman the extra comfort she needs and deserves. Pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable, and you need furniture that gives your body a break. A lift chair is comfortable for many reasons. Pregnant women can sit down and get out of the chair easily, they can adjust the chair’s position to one that is ideal for them, the chair comes with a footrest that can help alleviate pain in the legs, and much more. It’s a good overall chair to make pregnant and nursing women feel comfortable. 


Extra Support

Pregnant and nursing mothers need extra support. A lift chair provides the extra support that is so important pre and post-delivery. Lift chairs often come with extra cushioning to support the headrest, back, and seat. That extra cushioning means sitting for long periods will not cause pain. It also supports pregnant women by helping them get in and out of the chair with ease. With extra weight in their belly or their arms, they’ll enjoy how easy it is to use a lift chair.


Minimizes Acid Reflux

Indigestion, also called heartburn or acid reflux, is common in pregnancy. It’s caused by hormonal changes and the growing baby pressing against your stomach. Additionally, food has to go down the esophagus and through a ring of muscles called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The LES relaxes to let food into the stomach and then tightens to keep food from flowing back up. When the LES fails to prevent backflow, it causes acid reflux.


 A lift chair can help minimize acid reflux throughout a woman’s pregnancy. Sleeping flat on a normal bed can make this process more difficult and cause acid reflux. But when a woman sleeps or remains in an upright position and keeps the stomach below the esophagus, it makes digestion easier and prevents acid reflux. A lift chair allows pregnant women to remain in an upright position and minimize heartburn. 


Eases Back Pain

Back pain is also common during pregnancy. Carrying extra weight can take a toll on a woman’s back. Lift chairs help alleviate back pain. With its multiple positions and comfortable padding, pregnant and nursing mothers will benefit from a lift chair. If you’re a pregnant woman suffering from back pain, talking to an experienced certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) will help determine the best lift chair for your needs.


Find Your Ideal Lift Chair at Freedom Mobility

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Administrator December 7, 2023
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