Making a Bathroom Accessible for Seniors

As we get older, most of us eventually face some kind of mobility issue, and we come to a diverging road. Do we want to move into an assisted living facility or do we want to make adjustments in our current home? There are certainly benefits to living in a senior home or assisted living place that can’t be achieved living in your home, but today we wanted to talk about a few improvements you can be making around your home to help you live more comfortably, specifically in the bathroom.

Add Safety Rails

Most falls in the bathroom happen getting on and off the toilet, and getting in and out of the shower. This is why we recommend you add safety rails by both your toilet and shower. They can help you keep or regain your balance, and greatly reduce the risk of a fall.

Eliminate Any Clutter

There are so many different beauty and health products we keep in the bathroom, and sometimes things can really get cluttered. This can make getting around difficult, and can lead to you tripping or falling. If you have too much stuff sitting around your bathroom, we recommend you either eliminate some of the products, or add a cabinet that you can store it in at a comfortable height for an easy reach.

Opt for a Walk-In Tub or a Shower Bench

Both standing in the shower and getting in and out of the tub can be dangerous for seniors, which is why we recommend walk-in tubs for those who like to soak, and shower benches for those who like to shower. Of all the different pieces of mobility equipment designed to make your bathroom safer, nothing will help you more than either a walk-in tub or a shower bench.

Consult with a Professional Maryland Mobility Company

You shouldn’t leave safety into the hands of just anyone, if you’re looking to make your bathroom safer or more accessible, you need the help of a professional. At Freedom Mobility, we’ve been helping Marylanders get around their homes for years, give us a call and our team of mobility experts will be more than happy to help you.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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