Manual Wheelchairs

What is a Manual Wheelchair?

Manual wheelchairs are those that require some physical exertion in order to operate. Whether you’re able to safely use your upper body to move your wheelchair or have a caregiver that will be assisting you, a manual wheelchair can be a great option.

Most chairs come with foot and arm supports, and can be folded for easy storage of your mobility equipment when not in use.

What to Look for in a New Manual Wheelchair

Finding the right manual wheelchair involves considering your personal wants and needs when it comes to your mobility. Different chairs offer different features, some of which include:

  • Rigid-Frames: Feature a light, solid frame that can’t be adjusted. Most commonly used by active, independent wheelchair users that disassemble and reassemble their own wheelchair after transfer.
  • Foldability: Can be folded for convenient transportation and storage during travel. We offer a wide range of widths and depths and standard to lightweight.
  • Easy Transport: A great option for getting you from one place to another. Our 19 inch Transport Chair by Nova features detachable arms making transferring even easier.
  • Sport Capabilities: Specifically designed for playing sports; they offer ease of movement and stability.

Independence might mean something different to you than the next person, so exploring your own needs will help you better understand which manual wheelchair features and accessories you’ll require. Our expert team members will advise you on the best available equipment to meet not just your lifestyle, but also your budget.

Enhance Your Chair with SmartDrive Technology

If you prefer the feel of a manual wheelchair but are afraid of not being able to cover long distances in it, we also offer manual wheelchairs with Power-Assist Technology. These wheelchairs can be started manually and then switched to power mode to allow for easier operation. 

Interested in adding increased accessibility to your existing wheelchair? Come test out our Companion Plus power assist in our Maryland showroom! It can attach to almost any manual wheelchair and provide that extra oomph you need. Contact our mobility experts for more information about manual wheelchairs.

What is a Positioning Wheelchair?

A more versatile version of a standard manual wheelchair, a positioning wheelchair offers additional functionality including tilting and reclining to desired degrees.

These chairs are often equipped with added support for the head, legs, feet, and arms, and can be customized to best suit the user.

Located in Hanover, Maryland, we proudly provide superior mobility solutions to customers from Glen Burnie, Towson, Rockville, Annapolis, Owings Mills and throughout Central Maryland.

What is a Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair?

A tilt-in-space wheelchair is the alternative to bed; it is best for patients who need an extended or permanent stay in a wheelchair or in bed. It is a sitting system recommended for individuals with different levels of disability. It even adapts to the most complex cases.

It allows the patient to assume a stable and comfortable position and to prevent incorrect or pathologic attitudes. Its particular structure allows breathability, hygiene and comfort.

What to Look for in a New Positioning Wheelchair

When it comes to finding the right wheelchair, Freedom Mobility strives to make the experience as easy as possible. Whether you’re looking for mobility equipment for the first time or are looking to upgrade from your existing positioning wheelchair, here are some important aspects and features to consider:

  • Types of support
  • Simplicity of controls
  • Seating comfort
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Rocking tension
  • Long-term stability
  • Safety features
  • Turning radius
  • Seat width
  • Size and weight capacity
  • Weight and portability
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

How to get Measured a New Positioning Wheelchair

We have 3 seating specialists, Brad, Mike, and Terrick with a combined 45 years of experience with seating and custom wheelchairs. They are available for appointments in the Showroom or come see you in your home or facility. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to be measured for a positioning wheelchair. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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