Manual Wheelchairs Vs. Power Wheelchairs

Both manual and powered wheelchairs can offer freedom for those who need them. The question is: Which type of wheelchair is right for you? Though both manual and powered wheelchairs will get you from point A to point B, their methods are quite different. Here’s an in-depth comparison of manual wheelchairs vs. powered wheelchairs. 

Manual Wheelchairs

Exercise Potential

Manual wheelchairs are the ones which need be propelled by someone, either the person seated in the chair or a caregiver from behind. For patients with adequate upper-arm strength, manual wheelchairs can provide an excellent source of exercise. However, for patients who have problems with weakness or upper-body paralysis, this may not be possible.


The other nice thing about manual wheelchairs is they are more cost-effective than powered wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs come in a wide variety of materials and styles to fit both the financial and physical needs of their patients.

Compact and Portable

Manual wheelchairs are easier to fold and put into vehicles than their powered counterparts. Along the same lines, they’re also a lot easier to place under beds or in closets when not in use.

Powered Wheelchairs

Nice and Easy

Powered wheelchairs are great for patients who don’t have the strength to propel themselves. Powered wheelchairs are operated with a small joystick with minimal input from the user. Patients who lack the energy for long trips can also benefit from this type of wheelchair.

Regain Independence

Above all, the single most important aspect of seeking a mobility solution is to regain a sense of independence. Powered wheelchairs provide this and then some with some models offering off-roading abilities.

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Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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