Mobility Equipment: To Rent or To Buy?

When it comes to investing in mobility equipment, you have two main options: renting or buying. For some, purchasing wheelchairs, stairlifts, and other mobility tools is the ideal option. For others, renting can be a better financial decision. Let’s take a look at the factors that help determine whether you should rent or buy the mobility equipment you need:

The Specifics of Your Disability

If you have recently suffered an injury that only has you temporarily disabled, it can make more sense to rent your mobility equipment so that you are only paying for it while it is in use. If your mobility issues are long-term and your need for efficient mobility equipment is more permanent, purchasing is likely the better option.

Your Financial Situation

When deciding whether to rent or purchase the mobility equipment you need, it’s important to address your current financial situation. Ask yourself these questions when choosing between the two:

  1. Do I have the funds to purchase the equipment I need outright?
  2. If I rent my equipment, will I have trouble making the payments each month?
  3. How is my credit history? Will I qualify for financing?
  4. Are there other large purchases I will be making this year?
  5. How important to me is owning the mobility equipment I need?

Your Type of Residence

Do you rent an apartment or do you own the home you’re currently living in? Do you have plans to live there for a long time, or have you been considering moving to a different location? For those who rent their home or do not plan on being there for a long time might consider renting their mobility equipment as well, since items like stairlifts and wheelchair ramps likely won’t be permanent fixtures in your residence after you’ve moved out. However, if you’re living in a home that you own, or you don’t plan on moving in the next few years, purchasing mobility equipment can be a better investment.

Additional Considerations

  • If you’re going on a trip and are looking for a mobility scooter to help you navigate your destination, renting is a solid option.
  • For home modifications like stairlifts and wheelchair ramps, purchasing typically makes more sense.
  • Grab bars are a great purchase for those looking for safer ways to navigate the hallways, bathrooms, and other areas of their home.

Looking for Mobility Equipment Rental in MD?

Freedom Mobility has a variety of home mobility equipment available for rent or purchase. We are proud to offer affordable mobility solutions for Maryland residents and are dedicated to making it easier for you to navigate your home – and the world – safely and comfortably. To rent or purchase the right mobility equipment for you, stop in to our showroom or give us a call today.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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