Moving Tips for People with Disabilities

Moving can be a strenuous task, especially for those who are disabled. It takes planning, time, strength, and energy to move from one place to the next, and even just the thought of packing and relocating can be stressful. Here are some helpful tips to make the moving process smoother for people who have a disability.

Tip #1: Pack Smart

Unpacking may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Because it’s often a slow process, it’s important to pack essential items like comfortable clothing, medication, and mobility equipment in a clearly labeled container so that you know where your daily necessities are. Label all boxes with a marker by jotting down what the box contains or what room the box should go in inside your new home so that you don’t have to do any extra heavy lifting. 

Tip #2: Downsize

While packing your possessions, consider getting rid of or donating things that you no longer have use for. If there are items that are special to you but you don’t need them anymore, offer them to family members or friends so that they have a good home. Having a yard sale can be another way to benefit from downsizing. You can make it easier on yourself by lessening the number of things you have to pack and make some quick cash by selling the things you don’t mind parting with.

Tip #3: Confirm Accessibility

Before you settle on a new place to live, ensure that you can access everything you will need. If your current home has modifications for accessibility, confirm that the new home has a similar setup so you won’t have difficulty getting around.  If you’re moving to a place that has multiple floors, make sure there are options like ramps, stairlifts, or other mobility equipment that allows you to navigate stairs easily when you have a disability.

Tip #4: Get Help

If you have a disability, it’s best to not attempt the entire move on your own. Ask friends or family members for anything you need help with, from downsizing and packing to loading and unloading large pieces of furniture. Whether you hire a moving company is up to you, but it can be worth it if your disability makes the process of moving dangerous. 

Make the Move Easier with the Right Mobility Equipment

Freedom Mobility has a wide variety of mobility equipment, accessories, and home modifications for anyone with disabilities in Maryland. If you’re planning to move, visit our showroom or contact us today to see how we can make the process easier. It’s our job to ensure you can get around your home as safely and comfortably as possible, and we’re happy to provide Maryland with the mobility solutions they need and desire.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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