Parenting Tips for Parents in Wheelchairs

If you have mobility issues due to age, illness, or injury, normal tasks can be difficult to accomplish. When you are a parent, you have more than just yourself to take care of, and caring for your children while in a wheelchair can prove to be very stressful. Use these tips to make parenting an easier task when you’re in a wheelchair.

Find  Adapted Products for Parents with Disabilities 

There are plenty of products out there that are made specifically for parenting when you have mobility issues. Some examples of helpful items you can buy to make caring for your child from a wheelchair easier are:

  • Side-opening cribs
  • Chest harness baby carriers
  • Strollers that hook onto wheelchairs
  • Two-sided nursing pillows
  • Swivel-base car seats

Get Help and Support

Joining a local parenting group or online forum can be great for getting additional tips, solutions, and support from others who parent their child from a wheelchair. Others have faced the challenges you are experiencing and can offer helpful advice on to overcome them. If it suits your budget, consider hiring a nanny or part-time caregiver to help make caring for your child easier.

Keep a Scarf Handy

Many parents with disabilities recommend keeping a scarf with you while using your wheelchair. With a simple twist and knot, you can use a scarf as a sling to hold your baby comfortably and safely. Parents also say it’s great for grabbing things on the ground that are just slightly out of reach.

Choose the Right Mobility Equipment

It’s of high importance to care for yourself in addition to your child. If you have an ill-fitting wheelchair or an old, worn-out stairlift, it’ll be even easier to become frustrated and uncomfortable in your home, and you don’t want those negative feelings being expressed in front of your children. Make sure you have the mobility equipment you need in order to get around

Are You a Disabled Parent in Maryland?

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Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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