Patient Transfer Lifts

What is a Patient Transfer Lift?

Patient lifts are one of the safest ways to transfer a patient. They have the safety and stability to get someone from room to room or from one piece of equipment to another. Here at Freedom Mobility, we offer power patient lifts in Maryland which can fit any need. Here is an overview of one model, the Bestcare PL182 patient lift:

Maximum patient safety and comfort are built into this highly maneuverable workhorse. The Bestcare PL182 patient lift is simple to operate, with a unique emergency lowering mechanism. It comes standard with a six-point spreader bar and can evenly distribute up to 400lbs for superior sling application. 

How to operate a Bestcare PL182:

What is a Powered Standing Lift?

Looking for an easy way to stand up from a seated position? A power standing lift could be the solution you need. Here at Freedom Mobility, we offer power standing lifts in Central Maryland which can fit any need. Here is an overview of one model, the BestStand SA182 400lb Powered Stand Assist:

The BestStand SA182 400lb Powered Stand Assist is especially designed for people who have difficulty in standing up on their own from a seated position. The BestStand is intended for use with patients who are able to actively participate in the raising motion. When standing, they can be moved to a wheelchair or to a toilet; this gives them standing practice in connection with the transfer.

How to Operate a BestStand Powered Stand Assist:

Who Could Benefit From a Transfer Aid?

Standing and transfer aids are designed to reduce the stress various parts of your body experience. One example would be when you rise from a horizontal position. As soon as you stand up, your center of gravity shifts, which means your feet are now carrying the entire weight of your body. This is not an ideal scenario if you have broken bones or torn tissues that need time to heal. That’s when transfer aids come in handy.

They are especially useful for patients who:

  • Have undergone a major surgery such as hip replacement
  • Are recovering from broken bones or torn ligaments
  • Suffer from joint pain or muscle weakness
  • Have lower-body paralysis

Essentially anyone who experiences pain due to, or is temporarily prohibited from, bearing full body weight on their feet can take advantage of transfer aids.
 Keep in mind that minimal upper body strength is required for the patient to lift themselves up by using the grab bar. There will be a brief moment when the patient will be on his/her feet in an upright position, holding on to the grab bar. If you can’t physically accomplish this or if this is against your doctor’s recommendations, then you need equipment for no-weight-bearing transfers.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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