Ramp Rentals for Special Events

When planning a special event, it is important to consider the accessibility needs of all attendees, including those with mobility impairments. One way to ensure that everyone can access the event is by renting ramps. Ramps provide a safe and convenient way for wheelchair users and others with mobility impairments to navigate uneven surfaces or steps. Check out some of the benefits of renting ramps for special events.

Benefits of Renting Ramps for Special Events



The most significant benefit of renting ramps for special events is that they make the event accessible to everyone, regardless of their mobility. Ramps allow wheelchair users and others with mobility impairments to enter and exit the event safely and conveniently.



Ramps provide a safe way for attendees to navigate uneven surfaces, steps, or other obstacles that may be present at the event. This can prevent accidents and injuries and provide peace of mind for both event organizers and attendees.


Compliance with ADA Requirements

If your event is held in the United States, you must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This requires providing equal access and accommodations for people with disabilities. Renting ramps is an easy and cost-effective way to comply with the ADA requirements.



Renting ramps for a special event is often more cost-effective than purchasing them outright. This is especially true if you only need ramps for a one-time event.


Easy to Set Up

Renting ramps is also very convenient because rental companies will deliver and set up the ramps for you. This can save time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of the event.


Types of Ramps Available for Rent

There are several types of ramps available for rent, including:

  1. Portable Ramps: These are lightweight and easy to move, making them ideal for temporary use at special events. They are typically made of aluminum and can be folded for easy storage and transportation.
  2. Modular Ramps: These are more durable and longer-lasting than portable ramps. They are made of sturdy materials, such as steel or aluminum, and can be customized to fit the specific needs of your event.
  3. Threshold Ramps: These are smaller ramps that are designed to provide access over small steps or thresholds. They are ideal for indoor events where small steps or raised thresholds may be present.


Tips for Renting Ramps for Special Events


Start Planning Early 

It is essential to start planning for ramps early to ensure that they are available on the day of the event. This is especially important if you need a custom ramp or the event is during a busy season.


Determine the Type and Number of Ramps 

The type and number of ramps needed will depend on the event’s specific needs, such as the number of steps or the surface type. Consult with the rental company to determine the right type and number of ramps.


Consider the Layout 

When renting ramps, consider the layout of the event space. Determine the best location for the ramps to ensure that they are easily accessible for attendees.


Check for Regulations and Permits

Depending on the location or municipality, some events may require permits or comply with regulations. Check with local authorities to ensure that you are following all the necessary guidelines.


Maryland Ramp Rentals

Renting ramps for special events is a cost-effective and convenient way to ensure accessibility for all attendees. If you need a ramp rental for your next event, look no further than Freedom Mobility Solutions. We have a variety of ramp rentals available, including portable, threshold, and modular ramps. Contact us today to learn more. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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