Rollators & Walkers

What is a Rollator?

A rollator is just another word for a rolling walker. This type of walker has casters on all four legs, which makes it much easier to move around, especially when you need to turn. Rollators also have a brake system operated via the handles similar to that of a bicycle. 

Rolling walkers might be more expensive than the traditional walkers, but they offer a lot more flexibility and ease of operation.

Our selection of rollators includes:

  • Standard Rollators
  • Luxury Rollators
  • Specialty Rollators

What is a Walker?

A basic walker has a very simple design: it has two handles that are shaped like arches, which create 4 touch points with the ground. The handles are connected with a bar that also prevents the user from tipping over. Some walkers have casters on the front legs, but the traditional ones have to be lifted and physically moved in order to advance forward. 

Our selection of walkers includes:

  • Up Right Walkers
  • U-Step Walkers
  • Knee Walkers

Located in Hanover, Maryland, Freedom Mobility proudly serves customers from Glen Burnie, Towson, Rockville, Annapolis, Owings Mills, Central Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia. 

Choosing a New Walker or Rollator

Rollators and walkers accomplish the same goals with slightly different methods. Both pieces of equipment offer four points of contact between the user and the ground. Both walking aids can be customized with attachments like a basket or oxygen holder in order for you to easily carry personal items with them when on the move.

The big difference, however, between these two pieces of mobility equipment, is apparent from the names alone. Rollators rely on four wheels, whereas walkers rely on two wheels at the front and require the back legs of the equipment to be lifted slightly when moving around.

Rollators come equipped with brakes similar to those of a bicycle for safer navigation of inclined surfaces and stopping. Additional features and benefits of rollators include:

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