Safety Tips for Your Ramp Rental

Wheelchair ramps are a great type of mobility equipment for those who have difficulty navigating stairs or getting in and out of their homes. It’s important to consider your safety when using any type of mobility solution and ramps are no exception. Here are some tips for using your wheelchair ramp safely.

Make Sure Landings are Level

A wheelchair ramp isn’t as safe as possible if the landing areas on either side of the ramp are uneven. Your ramp should be placed appropriately so that the top and bottom landings are flat and flush with the ground. If the ground is rough and uneven with the ramp, landings can be added to the ramp to make the transition smoother and safer.

Be Conscious of Weather Conditions

Snow, ice, and rain can all make using your outdoor ramp slippery. Luckily, certain materials can be used for your ramp that will provide added traction and be weather-resistant. A non-skid surface is highly important to have with outdoor ramps that are frequently exposed to the elements. If water accumulates in one area of your ramp, consider having it looked at by a professional so that the level can be adjusted and you can avoid extra slippery areas.

Consider Handrails

Handrails are required for public wheelchair ramps, but residential users have the option to choose whether or not they want them included. If you have difficulty pushing yourself up or down the ramp, it’s best to have a handrail installed for added support. After all, mobility equipment is meant for making things easier and safer for you at home. If you don’t have handrails on your wheelchair ramp you may be compromising your safety.

Get Your Ramp Inspected

If you notice any changes in your comfort or stability when using your ramp, contact a mobility solutions expert to have it inspected. They will be able to tell you if any part of your ramp has broken or is weak which can help you avoid unexpected accidents or injuries. These professionals can also help you upgrade your equipment when your current ramp is too old or worn and is no longer safe for you to use.

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Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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