Should My Aging Parent Get a Rollator or Walker?

We know that it can be difficult to see a loved one struggle with mobility issues. If your aging parent has difficulty maintaining their balance, has frequent arthritic pain, or struggles when carrying objects around the house, a rollator or walker can be a great fit for them. Let’s learn a bit more about each type of mobility equipment to see which one is best for your aging loved one to get. 

Walker and Rollator Functionality

Both walkers and rollators can be very helpful in ensuring the safety of your aging parent as they navigate the world around them, whether that means inside of their homes or out in public. If your loved one struggles with weight bearing or is unable to rely on both legs for balance, a walker can help them maintain their stability. Similarly, if your parent suffers from frequent fatigue or low endurance, you can add a seat to both rollators and walkers that will provide them with a place to rest when they are feeling weak or tired. Poor balance caused by low blood pressure, neurological conditions such as stroke, or diabetic neuropathy, or general dizziness can also be aided by both types of mobility equipment.

The Difference Between Walkers and Rollators

Rollators and walkers accomplish the same goals with slightly different methods. Both pieces of equipment offer four points of contact between the user and the ground. Both walking aids can be customized with attachments like a bag or basket in order for your loved one to easily carry personal items with them when on the move. The big difference, however, between these two pieces of mobility equipment, is apparent from the names alone. Rollators rely on four wheels, whereas walkers rely on two wheels at the front and require the back legs of the equipment to be lifted slightly when moving around. Rollators come equipped with brakes similar to those of a bicycle for safer navigation of inclined surfaces and stopping. Overall, both options can help your aging loved one with their mobility troubles and make walking and moving around safer and easier for them. The question is which one is right for them? This is a question your local and trusted mobility equipment store can assist you with answering if you aren’t sure after learning about both types.  

Freedom Mobility is Your Maryland Walker and Rollator Resource

The experts at Freedom Mobility can help you determine whether a walker or a rollator is right for your loved one. You can schedule a showroom visit to come by with your aging parent and allow them to test out our mobility equipment options right here in our Maryland mobility store. For additional help with choosing the right mobility equipment for your aging parentcontact us or give us a call today.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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