Spotlight on the Feather Power Chair

The spotlight is on Freedom Mobility’s newest product: the Feather Power Chair! This newest power chair weighs only 33 lbs. It’s ideal for individuals on the go since it can be folded to fit virtually any car or coat closet. Keep reading to learn more about this great new power chair.


The Feather Power Chair is the lightest power chair available — weighing a measly 33 pounds. Not only is it the lightest power chair on the planet, but it’s also one easiest to fold power chairs. With The Feather Power Chair’s three-second quick fold, users can fold it to 28” x 29” x 14”. Equipped with padded flipback armrests and a 1” thick seat cushion, you’ll always be comfortable in this power chair. The Feather Power Chair can go up to four miles per hour and has a 13-mile range. Lastly, this chair keeps users on the go since it is airplane approved and has a 120W rated input power.


Benefits of the Feather Power Chair

There are numerous benefits associated with the Feather Power Chair:



The Feather Power Chair is easy to transport –- making it ideal for individuals who are constantly on the go and love to travel. The portability of the Feather Power Chair attracts many wheelchair users who don’t want the hassle of taking apart their wheelchair to transport it since the Feather Power Chair folds into a single piece. 



The durability of the Feather Wheelchair ensures that users can move around freely with no issues. With a weight capacity of 350 pounds, users can rest assured that the power chair can transport them and their belongings with ease. The best part is that the Feather Power Chair is known to last for years. 



The Feather Power Chair is known for exceptional comfort. Equipped with a 1-inch thick seat cushion and padded flip-back armrest, the designers of this power chair kept comfort in mind. Whenever you sit down in this power chair, you can expect to remain comfortable for hours. If you want to make your Feather Wheelchair even more comfortable, you have options. 



This power chair is easy to maneuver, therefore making it the perfect chair for daily errands and gatherings. Use this power chair while you shop at the grocery store, visit the park, or go to visit close friends and family in their homes. This power chair can handle it all. 


Learn More About Our Latest Power Chair

Want to learn more about Freedom Mobility’s Feather Power Chair? If you more in-depth information about the power chair, such as if it’s right for you, how to customize it for your liking, and more, contact one of our certified Assistive Technology Professionals either online or by giving us a call at (443) 342-9839. You can also schedule an appointment to visit our Hanover, MD showroom. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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