The Basics of Stair Lifts for Homes

When people begin to struggle with mobility issues, their homes will need to be renovated to help account for this lack of mobility, something we have a lot of experience with at Freedom Mobility. Ramps may help you get over a step or two, but if your home has multiple levels, you’ll need a stair lift to traverse your multiple floors. We wanted to talk today about the basics of installing and using a stair lift in your home.

Having a New Stair Lift Installed

Once they’re installed, stair lifts are fairly easy to use, but their installation process can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why it is a job usually best left to professionals. A rail will need to be built alongside your stairs, and it is paramount that this rail is installed securely. This rail is what will guide your chair up the stairs, and keep it at a consistent level. Typically, installing a brand new stair lift takes about 4 hours.

Stairlifts Are Easily Operated

There are differences between different models of stair lifts, but most work very similarly. Most lifts are controlled by a switch that moves the chair up and down when being pushed in, and when you release the switch, the chair stops. This ensures a safe ride, even if you fall off the chair. 

How to Safely Get on a Chair

Getting on your stairlift is just like sitting down on any other chair, though before you start moving, there are some things you’ll want to check. Make sure your armrests and seat are folded down and locked into place. Then, once seated, you’ll want to fold the footrest down. If you’re unable to manually put the footrest down, there are automated options. Now you’re ready to ride!

Consult with a Professional Maryland Stair Lift Company

Interested in having a new stair lift added to your home? Want to learn more about stair lifts? At Freedom Mobility, we’ve been helping people with mobility issues for a long time. Our team of mobility experts is standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today!

Administrator December 7, 2023
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